Feb 28, 2012


I have a little catching up to do. So here is a little of this and that:

- I had a great Valentine's Day minus a husband. He was out of town once again, but sent two dozen roses (plus one - for the 25 years we have been married this year). The weekend before, he wined and dined me and let me pick the restaurant both Friday and Saturday night.  On Valentine's Day, my two college girls came home to spend the night with me and #3.  I felt so loved! :)

- Last week, the hubs spent the week in Arizona, came home for the weekend and then headed back out to Alabama this week.  This is getting a little old.  I am missing our routine, tired of cleaning house and am in much need of some new things in my life.

- #3 made the varsity soccer team at her school! They have their first game on Friday. I looked at the game schedule and was not too happy to see that a lot of her games are out of town on school nights.  Some are two hours away.  I have horrible visions of a lot of late night homework and study sessions in our future.  Ugg! She is an excellent student, but this will be a true test for her.

- The band of my wedding/engagement ring cracked around Christmas time and we finally went to the jewelers. We decided since our 25th wedding anniversary is in May, it was time to completely redo it and update the look.  I am having it switched from yellow gold to white gold and we added a few more "twinkles" down the sides.  It definitely look like a ring straight out of the 80's so it will be nice to have something more modern.

(last year)

- Last Monday we had snow on the ground. It was just enough to give #3 a 2 hour delay! OH MY GOODNESS, how we LOVE our two hour delays around here.  Since we live in NC, we of course were having temperatures close to 80' by the end of the week.  So strange! All of the cherry trees are blooming and the bees were all over them today. Who knows what will be happening next week.

- I am a Pinterest addict.  I have the app on my phone so I spend a lot of time pinning while in carpool line and waiting for soccer practice to be over.  Genius idea.

- Picnik is closing in a few months.  That is the web site where I make my photo collages and blog headers.  I am bummed and have no idea where I will go to do these things. Any ideas?  Supposedly
Google+ will be taking on a lot of the picnik features, but so far I have yet to hear any good talk about it.


Joyce said...

I can relate to the traveling husband. Next trip I'm tagging along : )

Your house looks so pretty in the snow-my house is the same color. We've hardly seen any snow this year either but they're calling for something today. We don't have anything blooming up here yet so not as big a deal.

Enjoy your day!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I know I'm at a loss google + has the same features except the collages! Stinks! Congrats to daughter #3 varsity soccer awesome!

Carrie B said...

I had the same thing happen to my ring and it prompted a remake also, a bigger center 'twinkle' and more little 'twinkles'... a sad thing turned out to be fun/happy thing. :)

Congrats to #3! That's great!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I tagged you on my blog...play along if you like. Have a wonderful weekend!