Feb 7, 2012


The good news is that the hubs is opening a new office. 
The bad news is that the hubs is opening a new office four states away. 
He has been out of town the past two weeks and I was told to not expect to see him the next three weeks. He will be back and forth - still doing his job here and hoping on and off planes for a while.  
We are carrying on. 
The house is extra quiet and cooking for just me and #3 is frustrating (boring).  
Doing anything for the two of us seems pointless. 
We are a little stir crazy.


I took #3 to go get her permit the other day. 
She is officially a driver!
(How can that be?)

We had about a forty minute wait which was good seeing that it was after school hours.
It was just enough time to sit and watch EVERY walk of life and over hear EVERY possible life problem. Talk about some great people watching!  The most nerve racking thing was watching three teenagers flunk their test and have to walk back to their parents to tell them. I felt so bad for them. It also made me so nervous. I think I was more nervous than #3. 
Finally her number was called and thirty minutes later, she came back successful! 

A week later she got her official permit in the mail.

Of course, she was the most anxious and worried about what her picture was going to look like.
She did not approve!
She never does.

I thought it was a good picture of her
after further inspection ...

she agreed
and the reality that she got her permit finally sunk in.


Just Ask Beth said...

precious!! We have a driver too!! We are currently looking for cars, because the suburban is a tad too big for her to manuever!!

Joyce said...

Congrats to your daughter! My least favorite part of parenting is the driving thing : ) I don't know if you've seen this or not but someone sent it to me a long while back. A mom taped herself ridiing with her 'learning to drive' daughter-its funny!


Formerly known as Frau said...

Congrats! But as a mom of a new driver everyday scares me! Okay Katelyn has had hers almost a year but this is her first winter driving ....scary! Sorry about your hubby being away so much....it's tough especially the cooking part. My hubby was gone for ten days and my freezer is full of all our leftovers, I don't know how to cook for two...better learn soon because college is around the corner! Time flies! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Justabeachkat said...

It's an exciting time for her...and a scary time for you. I remember how I felt when my kids got their permits. Luckily, they all are wonderful drivers.