Jan 25, 2012


Someone had a birthday!!

I cannot believe that #3 is 15!
Her birthday was on Sunday.  

She started out the weekend by spending Friday night making 
cupcakes from scratch..... and destroying the kitchen!
She made a Martha Stewart recipe that of course required double boilers, three different kinds of sugar and several rounds of mixing. 
And LOTS of dishwashing!!

Just after midnight, exactly the minute she turned 15,  her dad and I 
went to sing happy birthday to her.
She was all cocooned in the middle of OUR bed. 

She ate a(nother) cupcake
while Lola stared at her.

We also looked through a photo album of her first year. 
(This is almost torture for her.)

She was a cute one! 

This picture is the day of her baptism. 

I thought the T shirt she was sleeping in was perfect.

She didn't want a to have a party or anything. She likes to keep things simple.
Thank goodness!
She was excited to just have her sisters come home from school and spend 
time with her.

They came home Saturday and
 helped with our usual birthday decorating.

Saturday night we went to Cafe Luna to eat.
It is a really neat Italian restaurant in downtown Raleigh. 

Sunday we took her to lunch at  NOFO at the Pig. 
It is an eclectic cafe in an old grocery store called Piggly Wiggly.
Have you ever heard of a Piggly Wiggly?
Anyhow, it was so much fun. It is a very colorful place.
I wish I would have taken a few pictures. 

Once we got back home,
#3  opened her presents before her dad had to leave
 to go out of town.
She didn't want me to take pictures of her because she 
thought she looked bad! 

Bubbles sat patiently waiting for a NEW box to be opened. 
That is his favorite thing in the whole world - a brand new box! 

He got a little over excited and thought he just might be able to fit 
in a little bracelet box!

I had some charms added to #3's charm bracelet. 
We try to buy a new charm everytime we go on vacation.
That is why we have a Disney themed charm bracelet right now!
(too many of dad's conferences are in Orlando)
I thought it was time we do something about that and added
a purse, wedge heel and her initial "B".
Now it looks a little more teenager-ish. 

She loves to open her cards as much as presents.
My dad is sooo good about getting things to my girls on time,
it really does mean a lot to them.
It just about makes me cry everytime.

As usual it was a mess after she was finished. 

If you look right in the middle of the picture 
you will see that Bubbles
was a happy 


MCW said...

Love her orange pants. Tried some on the other day, not sure if I am that daring yet. Glad she had a good birthday...looks like she was a little spoiled :)

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Happy Birthday to your baby....omg....her baby pictures too sweet! Does that mean you will soon have another driver on your hands....they grow up so fast! She is a beautiful young lady I hope her day was extra special.

Justabeachkat said...

What a beautiful birthday girl!