Jan 16, 2012


We always get so caught up in the Christmas Hoopla 
that somehow #1's birthday gets lost.  
I know she feels like it is not that important to us,
but it is. 

Her she is flashing the big 22!

Here she is flashing her sparkle shoes
yes, I do think they are ridiculous!!
Very ridiculous.

Our traditional birthday sign...

She really really liked her gift.
She shed a few happy tears.

We had a little cake at home.

Later we headed to #1's restaurant of choice,  Angus Barn.
It was all decorated for Christmas and since it was very early in the 
holiday season, it was the first decorations we saw.
It was a great way to get into the holiday spirit.  

This tree was beside a roaring fireplace and it was beautiful.

The girls made themselves at home.

BF1 was there too! 

The Angus Barn gives you a warm homemade pound cake
if you are celebrating something.

#1 couldn't help flashing those double twos again! 

Sorry #1 for overlooking your birthday post AGAIN this year!


Formerly known as Frau said...

Looks like she had a wonderful birthday!! Love her coat I'd cry too! Did you figure out your picasa problem I use flickr and got the same message and had to pay 24 0r 29 dollars can't remember exactly and I was able to load more. Have a wonderful day!

Carrie B said...

Oh my! I think my soon to be 22 year old would also shed happy tears at that gift. : )

In fact that might just make me mom of the year. Ha.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Yum. Angus Barn! My husband is only supposed to have red meat once a month so he wants Angus Barn or Ruth Chris! And I love #1's shoes. :-) Where in Raleigh did you get that cake? Pretty, like your 22 yr old!

Love Being A Nonny said...

I would cry over that coat too! Love it! Angus Barn is one of our favs....actually, that very one! I've never tried the pound cake. I am always too full after the meal! Happy Birthday to your #1! She is beautiful!