Jun 4, 2010


We have been plagued with 
gloomy skies and thunderstorms
for the longest time.
Yesterday afternoon the sun came out!

We headed outside
and tried to pretend that it wasn't as humid as it was.
I took off my Iron Man boot and swam laps for thirty minutes, 
thumbed through a few magazines will sitting in the sun
and had an all out war with some horseflies.
I sure hope Home Depot has something to get rid of them
because they are annoying.

Here are a some pictures I took of our backyard yesterday.
Our pool is three years old now and all of the landscaping around it is starting to fill 
in nicely. I haven't planted as many flowers as normally do
 because of the deer.
It is so heart breaking to work so hard on something and then wake up one morning and
see that it was a midnight snack for them. 

That is what happened to this planter full of Sun Coleus. 

back patio
pool to the right up the steps and house to the left of the patio

Knock Out Roses

I am standing in the same spot as I was in the first picture but I just turned toward the pool.

Caladiums are my all time favorite thing to plant in planters.
I have a few of these planters inside the pool area.

I went with a lot of Vinca this year even though I don't think they are very exciting.
The deer tend to leave it alone.

This is Skeeter.
He sits on top of the column going into the pool and welcomes everyone.

The frog with a broken elbow.

Charlie and Lola are trying to decide what to do with one of those pesky horseflies!

looking across the patio from the other direction

There is a walkway and back steps to the front porch.
Here is a peak at my new cushions for the furniture up there.

This is some kind of Lily.
This plant is very special to me.
It was in my grandparent's yard and I remember smelling the flowers when I used to 
play outside while I was at their house.
My dad dug it up for me after they died.
I love when it blooms every summer.

I can not believe it, but the sun is out again today! 
With all of the rain we have had, I know that the weeds will be growing like crazy.
That is one thing about a yard.... it is constant work. 
Thank goodness this is not Father's Day Weekend.
HE's got a lot of work to do!



rachel... said...

What an absolutely gorgeous garden! I would definitely brave the horseflies to lounge around that pool! Just beautiful!

Frau said...

Your back yard/pool is gorgeous...you are making me miss our home in Utah, never thought I would miss our pool. I hope the sun continues to shine!Have a great weekend.

Joyce said...

Glad you are seeing the sun finally-your roses are spectacular!

Your yard is so pretty...we're just getting started with this house and we need to do something pretty major in the back which is going to cost about a bazillion dollars so we're working in stages. And the stages are small which isn't as exciting.

Hubs took yesterday off since he'd been traveling three weekends in a row. We worked outside all day and I finally got some pots planted...the deer have the whole scraggly hillside to eat so they don't bother my pots. Not sure what they'll do when we eventually tackle the scraggly hillside.

Have a nice weekend!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Loved the pictures of your yard/pool area. It is so beautiful. I know you enjoy your time out there. Hope you can get some relief from the horseflies. They can hurt when they bite. Have a great week. Love & blessings from NC!

Beaufort Belle said...

The landscaping is absolutely gorgeous! I really love the caladiums in the planters. May still that idea from you. I would so love a pool! I am green with envy. Hopefully our next house will have a pool or a place to put one in. Even though we have over an acre of land, the way the back is laid out, we have no where to put one. :( I hope your family and your fur babies contine to enjoy it.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Your yard is gorgeous. Can I come visit when I need to escape my boys? :) I love caladiums, too, but use vinca as well in this hot, sunny weather we have in Raleigh.

Tee said...

You've been holding out on us girl! That is jaw dropping gorgeous. Never thought I would say this again, but I'm officially sick of rain now. How about you?

Darla DiStefano said...

Charlie and Lola always make me :-) I think those are what we have always called spider lilies or rain lilies. My grandmother had them in her yard too and we loved them. We used the leaves to make mud enchiladas when we were small, LOL! Gosh, I wish someone had thought to dig them up...what a wonderful heirloom!