Jun 14, 2010


I don't now what I was expecting when I called and made the appointment for Lola and Charlie to get groomed. I guess I had a mental image of my scruffy puppies still looking scruffy when it was all over with, but just a little neater and tidier. What I didn't want was for them to look like poodles - especially Charlie. He is our rough and rugged little guy. Lola is a prissy little thing so she can wear a fancy haircut well, but the prissy doesn't suit Charlie.

This is Lola Thursday night running some errands....

and this is Charlie on 
Thursday, proud of his new ability to jump on the couch and watch what is going on in the kitchen.
(This is a NO NO!)

The Rub a Dub van pulled up into our driveway on Friday afternoon and Miss Brenda worked her magic one at a time. I must say, she is a professional with the blow dryer and she takes that part of her job seriously. When all of the blow drying was finished, Lola and Charlie looked like they had fallen into a cotton candy machine. They were proud of their make over. You could see it in how they pranced, held their heads up and rolled their eyes.

I guess this is Charlie's "sexy eyes" look.

Brenda did a great job. Their cuts are so even. I just miss the messy bed head look. The girls took one look at Charlie's blowout and took him straight to the swimming pool for a swim. He needed the curls to come back into his life.

Lola took things into her own hands paws and ran through the sprinkler to get some of her curls back.
She is a kinky girl!

....fighting over who looks the best....

The "puff" shows up a little more in the profile pictures. 
I would be fighting mad too if I were them!

Speaking of puppies and haircuts. What would you do if your dog ended up looking like one of these?

I think I would choose the panda. 
I would feel a little more comfortable walking it over a buffalo, camel or over grown chicken. 


Joyce said...

oh my word-that camel! That poor dog!

Joyce said...

also, I see you have a new design-did you use the new blogger stuff? That just appeared and I haven't really checked it out yet.

MCW said...

Your dogs are so cute!!!
The "creative" cuts kind of weird me out a bit. Especially the camel.

Frau said...

They look so good...I hate when the haircuts don't match the personality. Those last pictures are scary!Have a wonderful week!

Carrie B said...

I'm with your girls and prefer the curls too.

I always like my pup a week after his grooming. A little grow out is good. They are still too darn cute though!

Love Being a Nonny said...

I can tell from how much you love your adorable dogs, that you are going to be a great Nonny someday!

linda said...

Lola and Charlie's new doo is adorable. I always love a freshly groomed dog!

Those poor dogs...it's just wrong to make your dog up like that!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Love your new blog "look". And your 2 sweeties look adorable with their new haircuts. I can't believe how much they have grown. Hope you are enjoying your summer! Love & blessings from NC!