Jun 15, 2010


When you get us girls together, 
we shamelessly are going to end up watching some really bad reality TV,
especially during the summer. 

We love all of the Housewives on Bravo, decorating shows, cooking shows, 
So You Think You Can Dance and of course we are on the edge of our seats during The Bachelorette.
We all have our eye on Roberto.
I hope he isn't the one that has a girlfriend and ends up being a jerk.

 Last night we were watching The Bachelorette together,
and can I just say, there were a lot of awkward moments that were hard to watch. 

If you saw it, did you cringe when Kasey broke out in song?
Brooke (#2) and Barrett (#3) had to turn away. 
They were embarrassed for him.

Thirteen year old girls don't do well with embarrassing  boy/girl moments....

neither do nineteen year old girls. 

And then The Weatherman had to break out in song......

We even had to fast-forward during that part.

Some things I heard while watching The Bachelorette:

"Please tell me he is not going to sing"
"Oh my God, he is singing."
"I fell so bad for him."
"Does anyone else feel awkward right now?"
"Oh my gosh, this is Soooooo awkward."
"Oh, I like Roberto."
"Is he wearing panties?"
"Why did they put Roberto in panties?"
"Oh no, he is flying with panties on!"
"It is not panties, it is a diaper."
"Wow, that was awkward."
"The Weatherman is weird."
"He is scary."
"Please tell me he isn't going to sing too."
"Don't do it, don't do it.....oh no he is singing."
"This is really awkward."
"I cannot watch this."
"HE is going home."
 "He better go home."
"Say good-bye to the Weatherman."
"Good-bye Weatherman."

(evidentially the word of the night was "awkward")


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

We have our eye on Roberto too! And we were so glad that the weatherman got sent home. We didn't like him. I agree, a little bit too much singing, especially when the singers were horrible! What's up with that tattoo? I can't believe he did that!!
Can't wait to see the show next week. Love & blessings from NC!

MCW said...

My roomie and I do the same things! Lots of squeals and "I CANNOT beleive I watch this show" but, we tune in every week!

Love Being a Nonny said...

I can just hear your girls now!!! I agree 100% with them though....Don't do it...oh no he didn't!!!

Frau said...

Too funny! I can't wait to watch awesome tv shows again I miss them so! Especially the decorating ones!

Joyce said...

My daughter and I had similar conversations going. What was up with all that very bad singing??? And we were texting and just started referring to Kasey as Crazy instead. He's very 'stalker-ish'. I wish I had a dime for every time he used the words-guard and protect. My daughter said in earlier previews she thought she saw some police activity...I'm thinking it might involve Kasey because I'm pretty sure they're going to have to physically remove him from the premises when he goes. Which will hopefully be soon.