May 30, 2010


What do you get when you mix 
a retriever and a poodle?

You get these overactive lovebugs
that want to be in the middle of everything and do everything we are doing. 

We spent a little time out by the pool yesterday, in between rainstorms. 

I knew it wouldn't take long before they were showing interest in the pool.

Lola tried to work up the nerve to jump in herself, but thank goodness 
she just wasn't brave enough yet.

Now that Charlie is all healed from his broken leg an surgery,
he is making up for lost time and is getting into things double time. 
I think he is going through his terrible twos.

We waisted bought $40 swim booties for them
because we thought it would protect the steps in the pool from getting scratched
and the rafts from tearing.
They wouldn't stay on their feet. 
We'll give them another try today. 

Lola enjoyed her lounge time. 

Barking at each

Fighting over the booties!

Charlie and Lola were having a chat with BF1.

I think we might have two waterbugs now instead of lovebugs. 


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

That is so cute that the dogs are taking an interest in the pool. You will have trouble keeping them out of there now. Glad it has warmed up and you all can enjoy your pool. Hope you have a nice holiday. Love & blessings from NC!

Frau said...

So cute! Our Sophie loved the pool...we would be floating on a raft and out of no where she jump in on you. Had to be careful we were always out there cause she could get in but not smart enough to find the stairs out! Have a wonderful memorial day weekend.

Beaufort Belle said...

These are just precious. I so wish I had a pool that my "Belle" could play in. Knowing her though, she would be like the one relaxing on the float!

Carrie B said...

So cute! I can't believe how tall they've gotten! You really need to post pictures of them regularly so we can track their growth.
You book like. Ha
Have a great week.