May 28, 2010


Today was #3's last day of seventh grade. 
We took our annual 
"Last Day of School Pictures"
on the porch this morning.

She has matured so much this year.
She has become such a beautiful young lady. 

She has straight A's for the entire year.
She has an 98 average when all of her classes are combined.
There is a chance she may not be my child because her
average in algebra is a 100.

This was back in August on the first day of school.

  It has been a very unusual school year at our house.
Not everything has been good. 
She's  had two broken bones, H1N1, rainy fieldtrips, overloaded soccer schedules,
lost both of her grandmas, learned what a true friend is, learned about confrontation, had her second sister leave for college and became the only child at home.


She has been a trooper through it all! 

I am sure she will be all smiles when I go to pick her up this afternoon! 


Love Being a Nonny said...

Wow! She HAS grown up! She looks just like #2!

Joyce said...

Yea for summer! 8th grade was one of my favorites with both of my girls...7th not so much : )

Have a great weekend!

MCW said...

She has changes so much! What a year in middle school can do...

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

She looks so grown up and is such a beautiful young lady, as are all your girls! I know she is thrilled to be out of school for the summer. Enjoy having all your girls home. I hope you are resting up and your foot is doing better. Yes, you all have been through a lot this year. Praying that you will have a wonderful summer. Love & blessings from NC!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Oh my goodness...she looks more like a 9th grader than a rising 8th grader. I know you're proud!

Beaufort Belle said...

Well with those grades, she can head on over to Duke and y'all will have hit all 3 triangle schools!! Congrats DD3, you have been through so much and made it look easy. What a proud mother you must be!