May 27, 2010


I have been having a lot of trouble with my feet lately. I have plantar fasciitis which leads to spurs. Heel spurs are caused when the plantar fascia (the band in the arch of your foot) pulls away from the bones in your heels and then your bone forms a little spur to fill the space that was left. The spurs are not a problem, it is the pain that is caused by them poking into the tendons, tissue and nerves when you walk on them. Once that area gets inflamed, it is a long process to get rid of it. It is almost a never ending cycle.  Let me just say that they are so painful and so maddening. Most mornings I feel like I have a nails in my heels when I first get out of the bed. My left foot has been hurting the most. After I sit for a while or wake up, I can barely walk. It takes a long to get going and get things stretched out.  I feel so old, although this is not an old age issue, but is an overuse and abuse issue from my high school days and my old aerobic days back in my twenties.  

Back then,
I used to be an aerobic machine.
 I loved it.
 I loved my Reeboks, they were the shoe to have and wear to aerobics class. 
They looked great with leg warmers.

There was not a lot support in them though,
at least not enough for all of that boppin' and hoppin' around.

They looked great with the entire aerobics ensemble.

I also loved my high cut leotards and tights. 
I preferred the shimmer tights with stirrups.

Jane liked to shimmer too!

She was the aerobic queen.

I had some of her workout tapes.

Some days I would come home from work and do two of them.
Sometimes I didn't even wear my Reeboks, the ones with no support,
and I went barefoot.
(The thought of that now brings tears to my eyes.)

I was so in the zone.
I thought the burning sensation in my feet was a good thing.
No pain.
No gain.

That was then.....

this is now....


I went to my orthopedists the other day almost afraid I was going to hear the "S" but I did not. He took x-rays of both of my feet. My left heel has been so sore lately I knew something was wrong with it. 

I left with this wonderful looking thing.
Just call me Iron Man. 

This is definitely going to look great with all of my summer skirts!

I have a stress fracture in my heel and the only thing 
I can do for it is rest it for four weeks. 

The doctor told me to stay off of my feet and prop up my foot.
 I told him there was noway I was sitting inside my house for that long
and not going shopping.
So this is the solution.

I'm blaming Jane for this.
She was a bad influence on me.


Jolyn said...

Oh Lisa that is awful. I know that the planter f. is very very painful my mom went through that. What we women go through to look I wish you the best and have a great memorial weekend.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I have a friend who has planter's F. and I know how painful it can be. I am so sorry that you are having problems with your foot. For me to sit still for 4 weeks would be so hard. You will just have to sit out by the pool with a good book. Love & blessings from NC!

preppyplayer said...

You poor thing! I was an aerobic manic too, loved my reeboks.
When you are all better get some fitflops, you will LOVE them. My sister wore them all over Europe and her Plantar Faciatis did not bother her at all!

Frau said...

I was going to tell you all about my Fit flops that totally helped but looks like my sister Preppy beat me to it! Mine has gotten better I had a cortizone shot hurt like hell but I was dancing after that only lasted about 6 weeks. Good luck! Have a wonderful long weekend.