Apr 6, 2010


Spring has sprung,
but we aren't having typical springlike weather around here.
Today it is going to be hot.
For the third day in a row it is going to be 90' or more. 
Everything is blooming and the leaves showed up over night. 

This is my view from my front porch. 

The cherry trees were blooming last week, but the flowers quickly faded and now there are
leaves replacing those beautiful pink and white flowers.

My Camellias are blooming, but aren't lasting long because of the heat.
They don't like it.

The bumble bees are busy....busy as bees.

They have work to do.....

a lot of pollinating going on!

Critters have woken up and moved on to bigger and better things.

I too have a lot of work to do to......
unpollinating things.

This is the worst year that I can remember.
The pollen is thick and everywhere.

The pool is open and heated, but noone wants to swim because there is a green film floating on top. 

Someone that I know can't stop sneezing.......... 

probably because she can't keep her nose off of the ground.

I mopped yesterday afternoon..........

guess I should have waited.

Anyone know a raindance? 

I would love a "big ol fat rain",
but would settle for a "little bitty stingin rain"
right about now.

Do you know what movie that is from?


What gives?

I updated some of my settings on blogger.

I tried to email my post and the pictures wouldn't go through. All of the fonts ended up
 "CRAZY" and different sizes and 
I cannot fix them.
 I updated the the way I "insert images" and
it it took me forever to get the hang of it and get things in the right places. 


Love Being a Nonny said...

Forest Gump!!

Yeh, I know, it is Hot Hot Hot! But I love it!!! The pollen is real bad a few miles down the road here too. Those contacts that I love so much are dry as can be!!

Can't comment on your pics because for some reason they are not showing up here...probably MY computer! Have a great, hot afternoon!

MCW said...

Pics are not showing up for me either!
But, the descriptions are enough...made me want a yard!!!

Darla DiStefano said...

pics are showing up for me and they are beautiful but I don't envy you the pollen! Goodness!

Joyce said...

I see pictures but I had the same problem one day last week and noticed alot of people saying the same.

We left one car in SC while we were in TN. I had taken it to be washed just before we left and we returned home to a yellow car. It was so thick I couldn't believe it. Hubs went and had it washed again before we flew out. We filled up their gas tanks twice and washed both cars twice. And that's before we did any shopping... they love it when we come to town!

Have a nice week!

Jolyn said...

Oh my goodness all that pollen. I would really be in trouble there. I love your front porch, that is one thing I have always wanted was a big front porch and rocking chairs...very nice. You also have a lovely view. I hope the little pooch is doing ok with his leg. Have a wonderful week.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Yes,I think the pollen is the worst ever. Glad you had a nice Easter. Won't be long and everybody will be jumping in that pool. Rain is on the way here for Thursday. YEA!! Love & blessings from NC!

Lori said...

The pictures are GREAT! Poor little puppy - lol. You're in NC, I'm in GA and we're supposed to get rain Thursday. Maybe you'll get lucky too. Still, enjoy the weather.

Betsy said...

I know!! Can you believe the pollen? It is crazy. Your pictures are so good!!

Leelee said...

The pollen seems worse this year!! Our homes in the south are all lookin the same right now...yellow...I love your pictures!!! Our wisteria just bloomed and I wish I had a good camera and decent photo skills!!