Apr 5, 2010


We woke up

too early for some......

Easter morning to find that the
Easter Bunny
had paid a visit to our house.

He left a basket for Charlie and Lola, all of the girls and one for Bubbles too!

That bunny was so clever this year!
He left these adorable black and white polka dotted galvanized buckets.
He must have left those for me!
I think he wanted me to use them on my front porch this summer.
I am sure of it!

There was
chocolate, make up, nail polish, bubble bath, earrings, perfume and even some
edible Easter grass.

#3 was delighted with her rainboots.....
just in time for the all of the spring showers!

Bubbles was taking inventory on his loot too.

After church we headed to my dad's house for
a family gathering and dinner and I took several steps backwards
as far as my diet goes!


Frau said...

Happy Easter! Wow your Easter bunny rocks! You are so creative! I'm glad you had a good Easter. I hope you are doing well and your father also. You are in my thoughts!

Preppy 101 said...

What a darlin' idea with those buckets. The Easter Bunny did a fab job! And he does mean for you to keep those buckets for yourself ;-) xoxo

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

The Easter bunny left some great gifts at your house, especially the polka dot buckets. So cute!!! Glad you had a nice Easter with the girls and your family. Love & blessings from NC!

Brooke Odom said...

MOM! Really?? The yawn picture??