Apr 16, 2010


 I am working on updating my frontporch.

We have a white resin wicker furniture set that I would love to update  with some of the darker looks that are popular now, but I cannot see spending that money right now.  There are other things I want to do in the house too, so I will have to stick with the white furniture for now. But I am so tired of the dark green and white striped cushions. 

They are old and dingy and in desperate need of being replaced. Most importantly, last May I took the covers off and washed them  and the seams feel apart. All last summer I stitched, glued and pinned them together just to make due. I had planned for this to be my project over the winter, but when my got sick, everything else didn't get done.

 I thought I was going to have someone make new cushions, but  I have been calling and pricing it and was amazed at how much it was going to cost to have them made. For the most part, it would run about $90 for just the labor per cushion. I have 13 deep seating cushions, two rocking chairs, one swing and an ottoman. I would also have to buy the fabric and the new cushion inserts. By the time I do that I might as well by the new furniture! 

I did go yesterday and looked at outdoor fabrics and   brought home some samples to play with.

I did find some cushions in Ballard Design and they have some of the same fabrics that I have been looking at and the cushions are almost the exact measurements as mine.  

I love this one!

I think I want to do this black and white fabric on the sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman. On the swing, rockers and pillows I want to do something bright, maybe a bright apple green. I could also add a third color. 

I have to wooden rockers that I want to paint a high gloss black as well and a few plant stands. I also have always wanted to paint the front door a bright color. 

It is black now,

but, maybe one of these colors would be fun!



I love our porch and cannot wait to update it. 

We just might have to have a 
"porch party" when it is finished!


Carrie B said...

I ♥ your porch!
I think you should go red on the door although I love how it looks right now.
I feel your pain on the whole re-upolstering costs. Sometimes you can find a school of upolstery that will do it for no labor costs but they are learning. Although cushions are pretty straight forward. How bad could they end up. Ha
Sounds like a fun spring project.

jenjen said...

Your porch is absolutely beautiful! How fun to have such a space to relax in. I love it!!!

I love Ballards too -- it is a little pricey, but probably much less than having custom cushions made. Have you checked Home Depot - my Home Depot has a really good selection of cushions in all sorts of colors and nice patterns.

I wanted to come over and say thanks for following my blog! I am excited to get to know you!


linda said...

I can't wait to see the front porch redo. I have no doubt it will be beautiful. You have great taste!

Tee said...

Your plans sound absolutely lovely, although the porch looks great as it is already. Love the black and white fabric. I say go for the bright green on the door!

Darla DiStefano said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with. I love red doors too and that is what I was thinking while reading and when I saw the black and white fabric...but then you posted that pic of the green door and I was WOWED! Good luck with your porch project!

Leelee said...

Love the idea of the porch makeover...an afterpary sounds much needed and deserved...I love the ferns in your planters and hanging baskets, my front porch gets too much sun and mine die quickly...Can't wait to see the after photos...

Love Being a Nonny said...

I love your porch! And I love the material you are considering. I think a green or a red door would be fabulous!!

P.S. I have a sewing contact here. She does GREAT work and is VERY reasonable...just in case you need someone!