Jan 30, 2010


At about eight last night it started to snow and it continued most of the night. This morning around eight it started to sleet. It sleeted until this afternoon. It is cold outside - 21, cold and windy.

#3 could not wait to get outside, she had big plans. Since #1 and #2 decided to stay at school and get snowed in, she had to settle with her dad and me as her snow buddies. (Yay for me!) So early this morning I was digging through the cedar closet looking for snow gear that would fit me. I did finally end up finding some old ski pants and after five hours of layering, pulling, yanking and working up a sweat, I was ready to go outside.

We didn't get very far on our igloo because the snow was so powdery it wouldn't stick together. After we finally gave up, The Man shoveled off the front porch steps and #3 and I came inside and made hot tea and chili. We also painted a little. She has an art project due this coming week and I decided it would be easier for her to sit at the table if I sat and painted with her. When our projects are finished I will let you see them. I painted a sunflower and she painted a lilly. I guess deep down we are wanting warmer weather and spring to get here!

She has to enter hers into the Art Extravaganza at school for a grade,
thank goodness I do not!


Leelee said...

These pictures are just beautiful!! I LOVE North Carolina...spent many summers in Chapel Hill while my girls attend soccer camp...sadly, the snow never made it to south Georgia....it usually doesn't make an appearance!!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

We got about 8 inches of snow here. It is beautiful and I don't think it will be melting anytime soon, with these cold temperatures. I never even made it outside today. Too cold!!! I'm a wimp. I want to get outside tomorrow and take some pictures. Your daughter looks adorable in her snow gear. Love & blessings from NC!

Tee said...

Such pretty pictures. We're a little jealous. We got mostly ice here.

Joyce said...

That amount of snow is so pretty. Great picture of your house! We just have the cold...no snow so far. They say maybe Tuesday.

Your daughter is so cute...I don't think I saw a picture of you in your snow gear : ) Stay warm!

Frau said...

So pretty with the snow! I hope it warms up for you. Your house looks even prettier with the snow. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Love Being a Nonny said...

I saw your porch and was reminded of the post you did on all the fun times on your porch...I THINK it was YOU who did that post. Anyway, LOVE that big porch. It is such an *extension of living*most months in NC!

I did get some new boots but haven't done a lot of playing in this stuff. I am a wimp when it comes to being cold and wet. Your daughter looks adorable though...love her hat! Funny, they want a Longchamp one day and want to play in the snow the next!! :)

Carrie B said...

The house looks so pretty in all that snow!
I love a good weekend storm, it's a great excuse to stay inside together. Sounds like you made the most of it. :)

Brooke Odom said...

The house always looks the prettiest in the snow!!!

love you mommy

Brittany said...

so... I posted on your jeans blog and for some reason it came up as Mackenzie... but it was me!

love love