Jan 21, 2010


Happy Birthday #3!

Here's a salute to the brand new teenager in our house!

A is for straight A's

B is for Barrett Elizabeth

C is for carpet surfer

D is for Dr. Seuss

E is for EVERYBODY is included

F is for flexible (?)

G is for gambler

H is for hat and headphones

I is for intense

J is for jumper

K is for kick me!

L is for love

M is for mini kicker

N is for noodles

O is for "I am ONLY pulling for the Tarheels this one time....
since you are my sister and you go here!"
(Go Pack)

P is for pretty

Q is for queen

R is for reader

S is for swimmer

T is for tree climber

U is for umbrella

V is for vacation loving

W is for witch

X is for the X-ray in November and two broken bones

Y is for student of the Year

Z is for Zoolander

You are the best 13 year old in the world


I love you lots!


The Muse said...

An uber cool and wicked (those are hip terms, i believe),tribute for a fabulous young woman!

Love the abc(s) :)

Buffy said...

Love this---I bet this 13 year old is loving having mom and dad to herself with big sisters @ college! ENJOY a special birthday:)

Cathy said...

Great post.. Happy Birthday Thing 3

Pink Martini said...

Love from A to Z! What a wonderful gift for Barrett. Happy birthday to her and congratulations to you. Without a wonderful mom like you and loving family, she wouldn't be the exceptional young lady she is. :)

Love Being a Nonny said...

Love this idea to post the ABC's!! What a beautiful 13 year old who looks older than her years....and appears to be wiser too! (Something about having older sisters makes you grow up faster doesn't it?) What a lovely family you have. You are blessed!

Anonymous said...

信心是命運的主宰!! trust yourself!!! ....................................................

MCW said...

This is the best birthday post ever! I love it! Now I want to do an A to Z in pictures.
Happy Birthday!

PS - Love the name Barrett

Betsy said...

Awww....this was soo cute!! Great pics! Happy Birthday to your #3!!! :)

Darla DiStefano said...

I love the photo tribute! O is my favorite, lol!

preppyplayer said...

What a great idea and very well done... I may have to "borrow" that idea :)

Beth Dunn said...


Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

What a great idea. Happy 13th birthday to her. Good luck with the last teenager.

Henley on the Horn said...