Jan 28, 2010


We celebrated #3's birthday last week by going to her favorite restaurant, Mura, for sushi.
They have great rolls. We are regulars there.
I left my camera in the car and it was a bitter cold and windy night so noone volunteered
to go and get it, so
I took a few pictures with my phone.

#1 and the BF

Back at home....

#1 brought home cupcakes from a bakery in Chapel Hill.
This is the Ice Cream Sundae cupcake.
I don't know if it this was my favorite or the Grasshopper, with dark chocolate and mint.
Tough decision.

#2 and I made a (pitiful) cake. I have never had a cake literally fall apart everytime I touched it.
There were so many crumbs mixed into the icing it was funny.
I do not know what happened or what was wrong. It tasted just fine, so I guess that is the most important thing.
I love decorating cakes, but I am not a baker.
We decorated it with fondant flowers that we made, pipe cleaners and butterflies we found at Michael's.

One butter fly didn't make it past the candles!

The girls always take a birthday picture holding up a sign of how old they are.

#1 and I made this banner the night before. We had a lot of fun doing it together.

I am going to use it for everybody's birthday this year.

Remember #3's birthday wish list?

Well, she did get that Longchamp she was hoping for and these cute Steve Madden shoes!
The rest were surprises.
No Tori Birch flats for this 13 year old this year,
sorry #3!

No set of birthday pictures would be complete without
Mr. Bubbles posing inside a brand new box!
#3 got a new sleeping bag from LL Bean and Bubbles was very glad about that.

Having a birthday party in January is very limiting. We have done just about everything
for #3's birthday that you can do. So this year we have decided to wait until it gets warm enough outside and she is going to have a camp out in the backyard and watch movies by a bonfire.
We have a projector and some nights in the summer we will watch movies outside while we are sitting by the pool or grilling out.
She loves doing that.
I hate that she has to wait to celebrate her birthday with her friends, but when I suggested it, she got really excited about it. I think it was because it was something different for her.
There are only so many times you can go bowling or to a movie for your birthday and look forward to it.
We'll just have to it up BIG in the Spring.

Thanks for all of your prayers and comments!
Keep on praying!

Today is the calm before the storm around here.
We are expecting ice and snow tonight and all day tomorrow. We are right on the line so we do not know what exactly to expect.
During the last ice storm here, we lost power for four days.

If you do not hear from me in for a while....
send someone!


Joyce said...

I love the banner. I have a little banner I got for my oldest's first birthday and I still hang it up every year on the girls birthdays.

Looks like a fun family party...Happy Birthday to #3!

Darla DiStefano said...

Everything is precious right down to the adorable cake. Love the shoes, banner and that cupcake is the bomb! Hope the weather is not too harsh!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Happy Birthday to #3. I know what you mean about the snow. My daughter was coming to Raleigh for the weekend to spend visiting her best friend at State, but decided the weather was going to be too bad. She will wait and come next weekend. And the girls are going to celebrate her January birthday too. January birthdays are sometimes hard to celebrate because of the weather. I love your birthday banner. I am still praying for your sweet Mom. Love & blessings from NC!

Love Being a Nonny said...

I love that you waited on her party...that gives her something to look forward to! Everything is so cute...including the birthday girl!

Yes, I heard on Bob and The Showgram about not using the first snow. And yes, I have always heard that. Don't think there is any truth to it though. My mom always let us eat the first snow as children. Course, we had a little snow in December so technically this is our second snow and you can bet I will be making snow cream. We woke up to a winter wonderland....how about yall?

Betsy said...

Oooooo...that cake is so cute!! I love all the bright colors and pipe cleaners and butterflies. :)

We have a projector too and love to watch movies outside. That is so much fun!

Looks like #3 had a really great birthday! Her shoes are super cute!