May 28, 2009


The final countdown has started!
In just a few short days, #2 will walk out of her home away from home her last time.
She will be graduating from high school.

Last night we celebrated the beginning of the end.
It was 
"Senior Night".

It was held in the gym of the school. It was such an awesome sight to see all of the seniors walk in, single file, with their caps and gowns on. And yes, the school's band had to play that very sad graduation music. I am not sure what it is called, but I am sure you know it. My daughter's high school is the second largest in the state, so there are a lot of seniors to get inside the gym. That means that song kept going on and on and on. (sigh) It was torture for all of us moms.

Senior Night is the night when all of the speeches are made and all of the scholarships and honor chords are given out. During the principal's speech, he announced that WHS had over 4.7 million  dollars in scholarships awarded. Isn't that an incredible amount? 

#2 was awarded one of the Outstanding Senior Awards. The administration and faculty select the top 15 seniors in the class based on leadership, academics, character and so on. We are very proud of her! I was a proud mama watching her walk up there to receive her plaque and the other chords and honors she received. 

Afterwards, the school held a reception in the main atrium of the school. I lost count of the number of pictures I took. I'm gonna miss these kids. Some of them went to preschool together. I know they are so excited about going to college and moving on, but I am not sure they realize the impact of leaving each other behind is going to have on them. This is such a great group of kids!
#2 said that one of the guys was the first to get sentimental last night. He looked around at everyone and made the statement,
"Look around guys, this is our original group. We've been together since the beginning of middle school." #2 said that everyone got really silent and just looked around the group from face to face. I sure hope they soak up every minute of this. 


Preschool Friends!

These girls have been friends since elementary school. They also all go to the same church and have gone on mission trips to Mexico, New Orleans and Jamaica together. They work hard and play hard together!

My Three Girls!

Grandma Came!
I was talking to my mom on the phone at 1:00 in the afternoon and mentioned to her about it being Senior Night. She didn't want to miss it and jumped in her car and drove to Raleigh just for the ceremony. Since she has an appointment this morning in the town she lives in, she actually drove home last night. She called at 11:00 to let us know she got home safely. 

Finding her name on the Wall of Seniors

I had to take this picture. 
It occurred to me as we walked out of the school last night that this was the last time we would be doing this. This school has been a huge part of our family's life for five years (#1 went there too). We have been very active there. I hope all of you with younger children really get involved when your children go to high school. It is such a great gift to give to them. 

Gone are the days of Friday night football games, washing cheerleading uniforms, bonfires at our house after football games, homecoming dresses, the phone calls as soon as school is over, helping with projects, shoving  pop tarts into her hands as she runs out of the door every morning, waking up to the sound of her shower coming on too early in the morning, practices, competitions, the fashion shows every week, watching the taillights of her car as she pulls out every morning while saying that little prayer..... 

..... and just like that, she's gone.


Joyce said...

It's bittersweet that's for sure! I've just been looking thru pics because my oldest turns 21 in a week. I feel like the university years are moving even faster than hs.

Enjoy the end of year celebrations with your lovely girls.

Love Being a Nonny said...

I remember the days of being very involved in high school with my children. Mine, like yours, were so involved in everything. They were all born in less than four years. When the last one walked out of graduation, I remember wondering, *What am I going to do now*? Amazing how your life takes a different turn. Friends change...move on...some stay and remain friends. They fall in love with their life-long mates, weddings start coming and then the grandchildren. At times now, I look back and wonder how I thought I would miss those days. Because now, THESE are the days I love. THESE are the days I will miss. Isn't God good that for every season He gives us a new beginning. Enjoy this time.

Frau said...

Boy you are making me teary thinking how fast time goes bye. My baby is finishing her first year of HS. Soon I will be saying the same. Boo Hoo!
Where is #2 going to school, away or close by? your girls are so beautiful.

linda said...

Oh my gosh this made me cry because I could have written it myself. My husband and I both were very involved from preschool to high school and now I miss those days. I miss all of the activity! I truly hope these young moms soak up the times with their little ones, it's over in a flash isn't it!?!

Preppy 101 said...

This post made me tear up. I have already been down this road, but still get teary and weepy thinking about it. And you are right - I hope they soak up every minute. Those pics remind me of the ones that we took many years ago. The song we play at our high school for graduation is "Pomp and Circumstance" - is that the one you're talking about? It will certainly bring the tears!!

Tee said...

Forget tearing up - I'm full out bawling. My oldest has been counting down the days until he's a senior. Today we are down to 1-1/2. This morning he brought me another form to fill out for the senior missions trip to Nicaragua. And I just keep asking myself, "where did the time go?"

Thanks for visiting me! Your girls are beautiful.

Hope you're having a great day.


Rickrack and Pompoms said...

What a great post, my second of three is graduating next week, it is so bittersweet.