May 3, 2009


Since #2 is a senior and #3 is only 12, this is my last prom (as a mom) for quite a while.
I am so sad about that. I really love all the hoopla and preparations and excitement and shopping and planning and........ I love it all.

Why do they have to grow up so fast?

Well, because I am not going to get to do this again for alooooong time, I am posting
way too many pictures. I may just post all 65 of them!

This is how it all started.....

this is the sign THE date made and hung in the restaurant where #2 works as a hostess

#2 found her dress accidentally while we were actually shopping for a dress for another occasion back in February. It is the only dress she tried on and she knew it was THE one. I was concerned because it was in a little store that does not allow returns and I thought it was way to early to be deciding on a prom dress, especially without shopping around. So after making her sign in blood that she would not change her mind and that she would pretend to love the dress after it hung in the closet for three months, we burned another hole in daddy's Visa and took 
THE dress home.

She held true to our contract and still loved the dress as much as ever.

These are pictures in our yard before THE date arrived...

#2 is the nervous type and it never fails that she breaks out in red blotches all over her neck and chest when she gets nervous. All she has to know is that the boy is headed down the driveway and pop goes the red spots. She tried so hard to not get nervous about THE date. She kept taking deep breaths before he got here trying to talk herself out of getting too nervous. 

...they were admiring how well they matched.....

#1 and her bf were feeling a little left out

...on to the second location to meet up with the group....

This is one of #2's best friends. She had knee surgery a few weeks ago
and didn't go to the prom.
 I'm glad she came to the pictures!

The Girl Huddle
This has become a tradition that they do before every dance.
I guess they are making some kind of game plan.

No limo here.
This bus comes with disco balls and strobe lights and a cheesy, overly muscular driver.


Frau said...

Wow what a dress! She is a beautiful girl! Everyone looked so nice, I'm sure she had a great time!

Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

I love that dress! I certainly miss having a girl still in high school, boys just aren't as much fun to dress.

Basement Bags Girl said...

Cute couple! So did they have fun? With four girls, four yrs. apart we bought a dress every year for over 10 years! This is our 3rd 'no prom' year & I miss it all!

Preppy 101 said...

She is such a living doll!! I understand about missing these times. It is such fun, but college can have these moments to an extent, too! xoxo

Love Being a Nonny said...

All of your girls are so pretty. #2 looked especially pretty for the prom. Her dress: the prettiest one I have seen this year. I looked in every picture and could never see what shoes she had on. I loved the flower in her hair and I loved that her date's vest looked GREAT with her dress. I know you are proud. I loved the prom years with my kids.

Bu the way, in that one picture you said #3 and her BF were feeling left out. Surely that's #1 and not the twelve year old.

Lisa said...

Yeah, I made a mistake. #3 (12) isn't dating a college boy! I changed it!!

Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

I had hoped that I was going blind when I saw the #3 and her BF. I kept thinking that can't be right! Ha, glad to know I'm not completely senile yet!

sportzmom said...

WOW! She looked gorgeous! I love the dress! Great choice!

linda said...

These beautiful pictures brought back such fun memories of my two and their proms/formals. At last count, we remembered my daughter going to a total of 11 during her high school career. Like you, I loved it all!

The kids are all gorgeous...especially yours!

Joyce said...

Great pictures! I love her dress and your daughters are lovely.

I agree, why do they have to grow up so fast? My oldest phoned last night to say she was finished with classes and I heard my husband say, 'Congratulations you're a senior.' and I was thinking, 'HUH, that cannot be right! A college senior. How did that happen????' Wasn't she just a highschool senior a minute ago???