May 29, 2009

Here we go again...... Show Us Where You Live Friday.
 Is it Friday already? This week has flown by. 

This week Kelly has chosen nurseries and children's rooms. 
That is a dangerous choice in my house seeing that I have 2 teenagers and a 12 1/2 year old.
Their rooms have good days, bad days and then there are the horrible days. Being the good mom that I am, I try to ignore their rooms until Fridays. I have this standing rule....


This rule has worked the majority of the time. I sometimes get a call asking if they can go to Sonic or someone's house on Friday afternoon right after school and my answer always is,
"I don't know, let me go check your room first."
Sometimes friends will even come over to help so that they can get their weekend started asap!
I don't care who shows up, just so it gets cleaned.
You would think that my kids would learn to plan ahead and just maybe get the job done on Thursday night so they wouldn't have to "be the only one that didn't get to go", but no, that would be too easy. I sometimes do let them slide and just tell them to get it clean as soon as they get home. I am a softy.....sometimes!

Here is #3's bedroom.
She is 12 1/2. 

 Mr. Bubbles wanted in the picture!
The walls are a little greener than they are showing up here.


The dresser and chest were my grandmother's. When I was a little girl, my "granny" wrote
too hard on a piece of paper that was on top of the dresser  and left some writing impressions (fancy scratches). They are still there. We want to paint this furniture but I am torn about painting over them.

How long will this last?

I love these pictures. The "diva" , is actually a Christmas ornament I bought at Target. 

This is #2's room.
She is 18. 

Mr. Bubbles just wasn't going to be left out of any picture.

Girls and their keepsakes!
These are all of #2's corsages from all of the school dances she went to during high school.

Looking into her bathroom from her bed.

More treasures!

And now for #1's room....

(she is 19... and she and all of her "stuff" are home from college!)

Can you read the plaque?
It so applies to her!

a peek into her closet.....
I don't think she needs any more black heels!

So, these rooms don't exactly fit into the category of nurseries or young children's rooms. But they are my little girls' rooms, no matter how old they are. It won't be too long before all of you with little ones will look back at your nursery pictures and be amazed at how fast the time goes. Just remember the Friday rule! It will come in handy!


Frau said...

Gorgeous rooms and I like the rule! I just told my 15 year old about it and how I think I will try that rule. She rolled her eyes. You probably never get that from your girls right?? Have a great weekend.

ClintandGina said...

your girl's rooms are lovely......I am just now decorating a nursery for my baby girl, but your post made me dream of how she might want her room in 13 years ;) Blessings to you and your family.

Heather said...

I just adore your girls rooms!!! They are beautiful!!! I love the no boys allowed sign!! ha, I am with you, how long will that last!!
Seriously, y'all did a great job!

Carolina Mama said...

What awesome rooms!! Too cute. Love the blog too. :)

Carolina Mama said...

Let me know if you want to join the Carolina Girls RollCall and/or interview! :)

Somer Love said...

I LOVE these rooms!!! Makes me want to do some remodeling :)