May 17, 2009


It is a rainy and cool Sunday morning here in NC.
I have decided to let the girls sleep in and miss church this morning.
 I know, I know....bad mom!
 Yesterday I took the MOTH (man of the house) to the airport for his flight to Las Vegas.
He has conferences there a couple of times a year. I try to go with him when he goes, but the kids have a lot going on this week and it was better I stay here and not turn them and the house over to Grandma.
I wish I could have gone. I would like a change of scenery. 

Las Vegas.....2004

Friday night was family night and we went out to eat at our favorite sushi restaurant
and then went to see the movie, Angels and Demons. 
I read 1/2 of the book and then got caught up in reading all 4 of the Twilight books. I wanted  to finish the book before going to see the movie, but never got the chance to sit and read this past week. Anyhow, from what I read and after seeing the movie, I think the movie was pretty good. What I enjoyed the most about the movie was seeing Rome.
(even though the movie was filmed mostly on sets because of it being controversial to Catholics)
I kept elbowing #2 and whispering "I've been there" all throughout the movie.  
Three years ago today, I was there in the Vatican, touring the Pantheon and sipping wine at a cafe overlooking the Colosseum. 

inside the Vatican and St. Peter's 

my mom (in red) and my two aunts

If I went to Vegas I could have gone to the Venetian, sat in one of their cafes and pretended to be Italy. 

We took #1 and #2 to Las Vegas when they were in middle school.


Frau said...

Rainy Sunday here too! Great pictures of Vegas and Rome, love Rome hate Vegas! Not sure way I hate Vegas, probably cause I haven't been there without a child in tow. Have a great week!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I love Rome too and would love to go back some day. I have never been Las Vegas. Enjoy your week at home without the hubby. Love & blessings from NC!

Joyce said...

I love Rome (actually the entire country)...I could live in Italy without too much difficulty : ) Great pictures!

Have a nice week.