Aug 22, 2011


Tomorrow morning, it will be official. 


#1 starts classes in Chapel Hill and she will walk into the classroom as a SENIOR!!

That means I will have a senior and junior in college and
a freshmen in high school.
In mom year's does that mean I am getting old?
It sounds so o-l-d.
I do not feel old and defiantly do not look old. :)
I refuse to dress old.....
except my girls have told me that they think some of my capris look like 
"grand-ma pants". 
 I will admit they are a little loose and roomy, but I promise it is because of the heat and humidity around here in the summer. 
I cannot stand to wear anything that touches me when it is:

or especially when it is: 

(pictures from my dash this summer)

So I took my SENIOR to UNC's bookstore to get her her first nursing uniforms.
She will have to wear them to class and to the hospital when she is doing her clinical work.

Here she is trying on lab coats...

here are her polo, jacket and pants...

and her first set of scrubs!!!

I should have made a video of her dancing a little jig in the dressing room.
She was so excited!
I was proud.

I also saw this in the bookstore. 

Love it!!!
Can't decide if I need it though.


Formerly known as Frau said...

Congrats that is so exciting!

Carrie B said...

Too cute! Love all the uniforms!

If that makes you old then my having a college grad/working son makes me ancient! Acck! So No, that does not make you old. :)

And of course you don't NEED that darling plate. But you want it. Maybe #1 can tuck it away for Christmas...

Kelley said...

That is definitely a need!!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Lisa I hope hurricane Irene passes you all by....and your beautiful beach house....praying for you!