Aug 17, 2011


I took some pictures of the girls on Sunday after church.

They were all gussied up and in good spirits. 

Here is who you know as #3.

 She is 14 1/2,
on Monday started high-school. 
I have never had to wake her up for school. She wakes herself up,
gets dressed and then comes downstairs and gets in bed with me. I then get up and fix her breakfast and make her lunch. Her dad plugs in her straightener every morning in our bathroom after he gets out of the shower. After breakfast, she straightens her hair while I throw on some workout clothes in the bathroom and we talk about our schedules for the day and afternoon. 
Her dad drives the carpool on the weeks we drive mornings, except for the days he is out of town, the mornings he goes to the homeless shelter and cooks breakfast (once a month) and on Friday mornings because he goes and eats breakfast with his buddies. 

Around these parts, this one is know as #2.
She is named after a cute little blond girl that I sat beside in the waiting room of my OB's office. 
I was eight months along and felt like a slug/whale and was out of breath just sitting there. 
The cute blond was also eight months, but looked like she swallowed a ballon, but besides that she was, well, cute and full of energy. I could not take my eyes off of her for some reason. She glowed. 
When the nurse opened the door and told "Brooke" to come on back,  I knew what the name of my little baby slug/whale would be. 
So... I named my daughter after a stranger I watched in a doctor's office. 

This is the one and only #1.

She will be 22 in a few months. 
 Now that she is an old lady, she is no longer playing soccer.
She can be seen running through the campus in Chapel Hill
or practicing her poses in a yoga class.  
When she is home she makes me go to spin class with her and for that I am thankful.... after it is over.

Oh how I miss those little girl shoes!!!!

 This is their end of summer of sad faces!

It is also the sad eyes they use on their daddy when they want something.
Pretty pitiful isn't it? 


Cathy said...

Great Post.. I want the little shoes again too.

Cathy said...

Question. Our first monster is off to college. She now discovered that she needs shower shoes. Since you have traveled this road can you give any suggestions to a brand that will hold up / not slip and look purty...

Love Being A Nonny said...

This may be my favorite post you have ever written. Love how you described each one of how *spoiled* #3 that you miss the *girl shoes.* how beautiful they their dresses....loved the story about Brooke's name.....loved that you love spin class AFTER it is over. Great post!

Carrie B said...

Your girls are beautiful. Love the summer dresses.
I miss the little girld shoes too.
Good thing I didn't have time to "discuss" Miss Katherine's shoe choice for our party. What happened to cute strappy sandals?? {sigh}

Kelley said...

I love this post! My oldest daughter just left for NCSU, and I am being forced to realize how precious little time we have with them while they are young. You have a beautiful family!

carolinagirl said...

such gorgeous girls!!! love this post!