Aug 15, 2011


We've been a little sentimental around our house the past few days.
It always happens at back to school time. 
I love our time together and hate to see it come an end. 

Don't you love all the turbie twists! 

This morning my little baby B headed off to her first day of HIGH SCHOOL!
It is not going to be too much of a change for her because she is just changing buildings at her school,
and she is used to everything else there already. 
But we were all excited just the same. 

She was ready!

Her monogram was on display...

her new purse and "lunch-box" were all packed up...

her feather hair extension was showing....

her conch shell ring and Pandoras were just the right bling...

(one is hers and the other was one of my mom's)

and that new dress was just perfect!!

(Freshman 2011)

Her daddy was the perfect escort too!!

#2 also headed off to school during the week. 
There was not a lot fanfare this time. 
This is her third year in school, she is only on the other side of town and we've been slowly getting her set up in the little house that she and two other girls are living in this year since the end of July. 
She literally pulled everything out of her closet and had it in her car in less than an hour. 

The girls were not too happy about me wanting to take their picture
before Brooke headed off...

there was no make-up involved and Barrett was in her soccer clothes.

Brooke was in such a hurry to get there you may have heard her tires screech as she pulled out!
Not only did she not even stay for dinner, she never looked back. 

#1 is still here.

We have one more week together before she heads back to Chapel Hill.
But we found out some news about her schedule. 
She starts her first clinical class two weeks after school starts and she will be working in a Raleigh hospital on Tuesdays and Wednesdays this semester and will be spending
 two nights at home during the week. 

We are all excited about that. 


MCW said...

It is so crazy how fast time flies. Sometimes I want to push the pause button. So exciting #1 will be with you more this year.

Love Being A Nonny said...

Your girls are beautiful....even without makeup!!! Can't believe it's school time already and CANNOT believe how much Barrett looks like #s1 and 2!!!!

Joyce said...

I love the holding hands picture-so cute! Lucky you having the oldest home some.

Formerly known as Frau said...

I know it's sad to see summer end...but I love routine! I hope you'll still have time to make it to the beach house on weekends!

Wendy said...

I love that yellow elephant lunch box! So cute! I'm doing my first "back to school" next week! Already nervous about it!

carolinagirl said...

what a cute first day outfit.

please tell me where you found that awesome conch shell ring. I NEED ONE!!!!

#2 has some gorgeous long legs. WOW!!! To be that young again!