Mar 15, 2011


Everyone is home from spring break and my nerves are finally calming down. 
Over the weekend #3 had a soccer tournament in Virginia Beach. She and the Man of the House left 
Friday afternoon and I stayed home to wait for the other girls to get home. 

I had about 24 hours home alone (in an already cleaned house) 
and it was wonderful!!
I wish I could come up with list of all of the things that I did and accomplished, but I cannot. 
Time flies.....
I did go out to eat with my aunt (my mom's sister) and that was a nice treat. 

While #2 was in Florida, she celebrated her birthday.
I wasn't too happy that she wasn't here for the big day, but I am glad she was with a lot 
of friends and that she had a good time. 

After both she and #1 got home on Saturday,
they were full of stories and soooo tired.

They couldn't wait to go to bed.
They were arguing about who got to sleep with me since their dad was not home and I guess
it was my lucky day (night) and got a two for one deal.

Look what I found when I went to go to sleep!

Charlie was already O-U-T and snoring,
Bubbles was there, but just didn't make it in the picture and 
Lola got fed up with all of the talking and jumped down and got in her bed.

We celebrated #2's birthday Sunday after #3 and the Man of the House got home from 
the soccer tournament. 
(They won the tournament by the way!!)

Unfortunately, we kind of had to rush things because
 the older girls needed to get back to school and it was getting late.

Here is the birthday girl with her birthday sign.
You would think we would spruce up our signs by now instead of using notebook paper every time!

Ain't she pretty!!!

(I cannot believe I just said "ain't"!)

Glitter was the theme this birthday!

Lola was not too interested in the gift opening!

Brooke wanted to go to the Angus Barn for her birthday dinner.
If you ever visit Raleigh, you need to make sure you go there.
It is one of the areas most known landmarks.

They even give you an entire homemade pound cake if it is your birthday!

Happy Birthday #2!!


Love Being A Nonny said...

Happy Birthday #2! I laughed out loud at your comment about the notebook paper...too funny!!!

We love The Angus Barn! A whole pound cake??? Awesome!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Happy Birthday to your #2 daughter!Sounds like a busy time....nice way to end it with cake! Have a wonderful week!

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday to #2~ your girls are all so pretty!

Carrie B said...

I'm not a fan of the missing birthday girl either but I guess we get through it, eh?

I think the notebook paper sign is perfect. I only wish I'd done that 22 years ago! Ha

Your girls are georgous!

carolinagirl said...

Happy Birthday to your beauty!!!

Love Love Love Angus Barn! Love the Wild Turkey Lounge and LOVE the Chocolate Chess Pie!!!