Mar 4, 2011


I flipped my calendar the other day.

And guess what...

it is March already and I cannot believe it. 

I let out a little gasp last night when I realized that my birthday is now "days away" and not "months away". 

How did it do that? 

Age doesn't really bother me, but how I am living my life and what I am accomplishing does. The year has flown by and I do not feel I have accomplish all that much. In fact, I am still working on getting motivated. Hmmm. I better get moving. I have 19 days to do something so that I can end my 46th year on a good note. I am not liking this whole time flying by thing that is happening. I will start tomorrow or maybe on Monday! :)

I am on pins and needles. My two older BABIES are leaving for spring break today. They have never done this to me both at the same time and it scares me. It isn't where they are going, but how they are getting there..... 

they are driving.

#1 is going on a cruise, which really isn't the part that worries me, it is the five hour drive to Charleston to board the ship. #2 is going to Florida. Several cars from her sorority are caravanning for the LONG haul. I believe it is over ten hours. I have given my girls a lot of leeway in a lot of things, but driving distances has not been one of them. I have had to put my big mama pants on this year, but it still makes me so nervous. 

Back to spring break plans:

#1 is going on a cruise and she looses count when trying to name all of the people she knows going on it also. They are just not people from her school and sorority, but several other schools and she has some old friends from high school who will also be on it, along with many of their school friends. I cannot imagine working on this ship or being a family vacationing along with all of these spring breakers. If you are, I am sorry. I have already read her the riot act and threatened to take all of her shoes and purses away if there should be anything she does to mar MY name. HA! I am just kidding. I do have faith in her and I know how much it would hurt her to loose all of her shoes.

#2 and 25 of her closest sorority friends have rented a house in a quiet little beach in Florida. So if you are reading this and live anywhere near the Panhandle you are welcomed to come and stay with me for the upcoming week. She also informed me that all of the sororities and fraternities from her school have done the same and will be there too. All I know is that my name is NOT on any papers at any rental office in Florida at this time. And any parent that willingly signed these rental papers will be in my prayers. #2 also has my upmost respect and I know she will make good decisions. It is the others that I worry about. And then there is the driving there and back. I am not a fan of this plan. I offered to fly her there and even tried to throw in a limo pick up at the airport, but she was not interested. (In case you are wondering what #2 would loose if she should happen to make me look bad..... the internet, phone and DVR.) 

So the big three - me, the man of the house and #3 will be looking at each other all weekend long. It has been and continues to be an adjustment for #3 to be the "only child" in the house. She is close to her sisters in spite of the big age difference. 

I am just glad that my nest still has one little bird in it.
I know how my blue bird felt last year as her last little baby sat and peeped out at the big world for several days before taking off. 

 I let out another gasp when it really hit me that #3 will be in high school next year. I cannot even fathom that. The next four years will, I am sure, fly by and feel just like days when it is all over. 

Until then we will do everything to wear ourselves out. #3 has two back to back soccer games this afternoon. It is the first game of the season for her school team and she will be playing center mid - the position that runs the complete field the entire game . Straight from there she will go play in her club team game (she plays on the classic level, if that means anything to you) and play the same position and she usually plays every minute of every game. That will give her over two and half hours of constant running, sprinting, fighting and banging this afternoon. 

But she can do it.......

see, she is one tough little soccer player!

And cute too!

Needless to say, I made pasta salad for her lunch today and also packed a Powerbar, a banana, granola mix and a Gatorade. I threw  another Powerbar and Gatorade into her soccer bag and told her to eat and drink that after school. I am considering an espresso in between games! (Just kidding!)

After her two games, she gets to jump into the car and we are headed straight to the beach for the weekend. I guess we will be driving with the windows rolled down because there is no time for her to take a shower! Can't wait for that! 

This will be my view Saturday and Sunday morning. 

It will do.


Carrie B said...

I feel your pain. I told Son #1 that as a direct result of his decision to make that drive to Reno (in a snowstorm) aged me a whole year in one day! He said "oh, sorry" and then chuckled. Arrgghhh

Needless to say, he is coming home for Spring Break. Ha

The Daughter is also somewhat grounded for spring break. Other than spending using up all her travel chips visiting at Marquette, she has VB tournaments at either end of the week. Does not hurt my feelings one bit that she has to stay put. Ha.

#3 will be home for his break. He (and only he) is looking forward to a bit of spring rain... whatever.

Have fun at the beach!

P.S. You're so young! Just think, when #3 is in college you will JUST be turning 50. YOUNG, I say!!

Love Being A Nonny said...

I remember those *spring break* days from my kids. Oh dear.....That's all I can say. Oh Dear! By the way, Melinda's daughter (from Tales Of My Empty Nest) is going on a cruise today too...with her sorority. Wonder if it's the same one????????????

Have a wonderful time at the beach...I know you will. I think I remember that you want to buy a place there............

Joyce said...

I hear ya! Daughter2 leaves bright and early with friends, also going to the Florida panhandle...hmmm...perhaps ours will meet : ) Last year she met up with a friend from the UK who was staying an hour away. That girl drove over to mine so they could catch up. I like to hear about it after the fact.

My name is not on any papers either. Mine is also trustworthy etc but big groups of kids together is still a big group of kids together. I'll be happy once they're safely back at school. And I won't have your view to make me forget my worries either!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Happy Early Birthday to you! Spring break already...yikes I get your worries, but you have awesome girls and sounds like they are with lots of people! Our spring break is in April still trying to figure out where to go. Have a wonderful weekend!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Mentioned you on my blog post today.

Beaufort Belle said...

Lisa, I feel your pain! DD and her roomie left for Florida this morning. Two other girls had to back out at the last minute so it is just the 2 of them. As many times as we have gone to Florida, DD has never driven any of it. When I talked to her while ago, she did great going through Jacksonville so the anxiety has let off a little.

Where is that wonderful view in your bottom picture? Looks like where I would like to be!

carolinagirl said...

Love love love OIB...that's a beautiful view. Wish I was at the beach today!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Hey Lisa, as Angela said above, my daughter is leaving today too, with 7 of her sorority sisters to go on a cruise, but they are leaving from Port Canaveral in Florida. I can totally relate to your post. Last year they were in Destin, Florida for spring break. I am like you, I will be happy when they are all safe back at college. I know they will have a wonderful time, but we still worry about them, don't we? Hope you had fun at the beach. Have a great week. Love & blessings from NC!

Basement Bags Girl said...

This makes me wish for Spring Break! Hope the girls have safe & fun trips.