Jul 8, 2010



My beautiful mother passed away five months ago today.
 I knew I was going to miss her terribly and I have, each and everyday.
I wasn't sure how life was going to be without her.
One thing is for sure,
 it isn't as sweet as it used to be. 

My mother was a wonderful cook and nothing made her happier than to have everyone at her house
to cook for them. She never let anyone bring anything; 
She wanted to do it all, no matter how big the crowd.

(Cherries in the Snow Cake)

 She never let a special day go by without making something a little special for that particular person. 

She made a lot of wonderful things, but at the top of the list was her
Banana Pudding.
That was my favorite growing up!
I loved it hot, straight out of the oven.

(one of my mom's - made several years ago)

My girls LOVED it too and always called to make sure there was going to be a warm one waiting for them when they got to my parent's house. 


Sometimes she waited to make it so that they could be there to lick the pot. 

There is nothing like warm homemade custard!

They  bragged about it to their friends so much that when my mom came to visit us, she would make it so that their friends could come over after school for some. 
Nothing "tickled" her more than to see the face of a northern born teenager getting their first bite of 
a real southern banana pudding. 

My mom once came to Raleigh just to make banana pudding so that the Man of the House could take it to work for someone's birthday.
When she was finished, she turned around and drove back home.
That was the kind of person she was. 

We were all trying to recall the recipe and piece it together the other day.
My dad's birthday is coming up and we want to make it for him, just like my mom used to.
The recipe isn't written down anywhere 
and would have been lost when she passed away in February.....
except #2 found it saved on her phone! 

She had called grandma two years ago to get the recipe when she was staying with another family for spring break and was smart enough to put it in her phone. 

She made a banana pudding last weekend
it turned out just perfect!

From the homemade custard....

to spreading the meringue.....  

I know grandma is proud of her!
I know I am!
Life just got a little sweeter!!


Joyce said...

Oh this just made me want to cry. Sending hugs to you today...thank goodness for kids and their insistence on using their phones for absolutely everything.

Preppy 101 said...

What a sweet post. Thank you for sharing some of your memories with us. xoxo

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

What beautiful memories of your Mom! There are things that my Mom makes for my girls that remind us so much of her. I am trying to get all her recipes for favorite things, so we can make them when she is no longer with us. I love all the wonderful memories you have of your sweet Mother and the joy she received from cooking for others. My Mother is so much like that too. Her joy is cooking for her family. Coming down your way tomorrow night to see Michael Buble'. Have a great weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

linda said...

How wonderful that you guys found your mom's treasured recipe! I really am sooo happy for all of you and I can she how much it means to you! Yay for cell phones!

While I was in CO on vacation, my mom fell down in her driveway, breaking her foot. It made me realize that I need to be closer to my parents as they age. They seems so fragile now.

How is your Dad doing?

Basement Bags Girl said...

Smart girl! Nice memory and the pudding looks yummy!

MCW said...

A beautiful post...it is the little things that you miss the most isn't it?

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Aww. Hope each day gets a little easier for you and your dad. So glad #2 saved the recipe! Sounds heavenly. My dad is the baker in our family (like his mother was) and he makes pumpkin pie every time we visit because the kids love it. We had it 4th of July! It's something special he does for them.

Tee said...

Lisa, I think this post and your last one are prime examples of how blogging makes the world a better place. I laughed and cried reading them. My mom barely knows how to turn her phone on, never mind saving a recipe to it. That's so neat that yours did. And how did #2 know to look on her phone - was she looking for the recipe or was it a God thing?

Darla DiStefano said...

That just made me get teary eyed. We just returned from vacation and while camping we wanted to make my Pappy's homemade ice cream. Like you, we had never written the recipe down. My mom knew the ingredients but not the measurements and so I searched online for a homemade vanilla ice cream recipe with the ingredients and to my surprise came up with one and of course it was one of Paula Deen's. I should have known she would have my Pappy's recipe! Banana pudding is one of the most requested desserts in our home and I just realized our recipe isn't written down anywhere. I better get busy adding to my family recipe file! Glad you were able to find your treasured recipe. It's the little things afterall...