Jul 5, 2010


I wish I had a lot to talk about,
but I do not.

 I guess, in a lot of ways,
that is a good thing...

a really good thing. 

I love my family and I am having a lot of fun just hanging out with them this summer
without a lot on our agenda. 

We will be heading the beach in two weeks and
we are really looking forward to that. 

# 1 has another week of summer school. 
She is really looking forward to being able to sleep in. 
I don't blame her. 

#3 is going to camp at the end of this week. 
She is a little panicky that we haven't already started to pack.
How hard is it to pack  t - shirts, gym shorts and flip flops?
I love how after we say our good-byes at camp she can't wait to take off down that path 
with her friends and never looks back. 
It does a mom proud to know that her children are capable and happy on their own. 

#2 is babysitting this summer.
She drives the family's car and takes their three year old places while the mom works from home.
I worry about that the entire time she is gone.
I don't think I would have ever let a nineteen year old take my car and child somewhere. 
Is this a sign that I am out of it and getting frumpy? 

The man of the house is extremely busy at work. 
His plate is very full and he wears many hats at work and in the community.
He does his job well and is on several national boards, appointed to some seats and is being pulled in many directions. 
It is a big crazy world out there.
We keep having to remind him that it is summer and that he needs to come up for air. 

I am headed to Chapel Hill this morning. 
I opened my mouth again with too many brilliant ideas and am 
now in charge (after being volunteered by  #1) of meeting with the landscaper for my darling daughter's sorority house. 
Seems the "sisters" have instructed him to do something BUT he has his own agenda and ideas. 
"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder."
is what he said to me after I questioned him about the sorority's yard being overgrown and left to run down. 
I will be telling him today that he is mistaken and that 
"beauty is in eyes of the parent's that are paying the dues"
and I am not paying money out of "my future beach house account" for the said sorority house to look
like Sleeping Beauty is inside and still waiting for Prince Charming to wake her.
Young liberal artistic landscapers do not need to be getting tangled up with mom's and their money.
They cannot win. 

I will let you now how the meeting goes.

Hope you are having a great summer 
are taking the time to come up for air!


Betsy said...

Haha!! You go girl! I totally agree with you about the landscaping! Hope the meeting went well!

linda said...

Cute post Lisa and a good reminder for all of us to slow down, enjoy the summer, and to come up for air every now and then! I've slowed down at work and am doing just that!

dee said...

That is hilarious! I can't wait to hear how the meeting turns out. :)

Carrie B said...

LOL! Wish I was a fly on the wall when you "chat" with the landscaper.

That whole babysitting thing would make me nervous too. A lesson in letting go for sure. Ugh

Joyce said...

Nice to see you back...glad you are having a good summer. I'm with you on the kids driving toddlers...my youngest is doing the same and I have told her at least a trillion times-no radio, no phone, seat belts, drive slow, etc etc etc. And that's just getting there...then she has to watch them at the zoo or Children's museum. Some moms are way more relaxed than I ever was!

Good luck with the landscaper!

Charlotte's Color Specialist said...

Great! I found another blogger local to Charlotte! I love the progression of those pictures. If you look at it really fast you can almost see her jump right out of the water!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Can't wait to drive by there and see how the lawn looks!! How did it go?

And I'm with you, I wouldn't have ever let a 19 year old take my car and my baby!! But it seems to be the norm!

Leelee said...

We spent a lot of summers in Chapel Hill when my kids were going to camps at UNC....love being there in the summer...always hit A Southern Season and a Durham Bulls b-ball game....Goodberry's and a day on Franklin Street....so much to do in the Triangle.....