Oct 10, 2017

Paris Part Trois

     This is how our third day in Paris started...

so much for taking macaroons home to everyone! 

     We decided our last day in Paris was going to be a shopping day. We circled a lot of shops and areas on our map while we were on the bus tour and had a list of places to shop from talking to people that had been to Paris before. We started the day off walking to one of the islands in the middle of the Seine, Ive Saint Louis. This little island was so perfect and filled with small shops, cafes and restaurants. We had not had any crepes yet while in Paris and that was something we wanted to check off our list for sure.   

     We found a small creperie on a quiet street with just a few people inside. After we sat down,  I did a little a lot eavesdropping and realized we were in a little local neighborhood place. Everyone knew each other, the owner was siting at a table with someone and talking to everyone and locals would stop in the doorway while passing by to say bonjour.   

     I am not a big breakfast food person, but this day was definitely an exception. Who is going to turn down french omelettes and crepes, perfectly made and delicious?


      After eating, Hubs and Barrett consulted with each other and came up with our game plan. I know it looks like I did absolutely nothing to help them on this trip - and I 100% did not.  These two are quite a map reading pair and there is no room for someone like me to try to add to their system.  I do not speak their language when it comes to things like this and they never hesitated to let me know I was just there to look pretty puffy!  


     The Shakespeare and Company bookstore was awesome. One of Barrett's friends, who knows her very well, suggested we not miss this place.  It has a lot of little rooms filled with shelves stuffed with unusual books and comfy old chairs in the corners.  There were also a few cats wandering around inside.  (It is located near Notre Dame.)

     Barrett had some other friends tell her about the Merci store. It reminded me a lot of a Crate and Barrel store in the US, but french style. 

      "Merci" had a coffee shop inside of it that was wall to wall bookshelves. I definitely noticed a book home decorating theme in Paris and this one picture does not capture its beauty. I immediately started redecorating our den in my head after seeing this! Just think, no paint colors or wall art or knick knacks to pick out because it is wall to wall books!

    I mentioned in the previous post, Art and I are not big museum people. We love local culture more. Whenever I travel, I really seek out local and simply things. One of the things I LOVE to do is always look for a grocery store.  I love walking through them and comparing them to ours in the US.  Let me just say that yes, the Parisian grocery store had cereal, cookies and other boxed (processed) items, but not rows and rows of them like we have. There was even a small frozen dinner section, but it looked nothing like our mile long frozen processed section in the US.  It was all gourmet meals or local produce already prepared in vacuumed packed plastic with dates stamped on it. Their produce section, although very simple was to die for!  Evidentially radishes were in season because they were everywhere and everyone was buying them.  (I have read several places that fresh radishes and butter is served in the schools and at home as a snack.)

     On our way to dinner we stumbled upon my kind of shop.  It was a shop full of local pottery and kitchen textiles.  I wanted it all!  ALL!  

     I collect small local pottery bowls from the places I travel to and this was my spot to select that bowl that was coming home with me.  Hubs was very patient even though he was ready for some wine dinner.  I seriously think I touched everything in this store and if you know anything about shopping in France, touching is a big no no.  I could not help myself though and just ignored the "please don't act like an American and touch things" rule.  I know Miss French Lady was glad for me to finally leave when I did! 

 We also stumbled upon a chocolate shop and I automatically gained five pounds! 
Just like that.

(FYI: Hubs was giving me the "hurry up eyes" until I pulled out my iPhone to take his picture!)

(chocolate caramel filled chocolate mussels)

(meringues the size of footballs!)
(Several people bought these while we were in the shop - I wonder what they do with them?!)

     Our last dinner in Paris was here, at this cafe that we walked by that morning on the Ive Saint Louis. It was in a great location. It over looked the river and we thought it would have a view of the sunset. 

     After dinner we stopped for gelato.

And we toasted to a wonderful few days in Paris!

     There might be one more post on Paris! I took so many pictures and have some observations on "french blue".  Wedding posts are in the works.

      Say hello if you are reading this!

     Caroline, thank you for commenting and if you are reading this, I would love to talk to you and compare notes!  (loblog@nc.rr.com)


Debbie said...

Hi Lisa, I've enjoyed your blog for some time now but finally I'm commenting😏! One of my sons lives in Paris & loves it. It's a different lifestyle though. I do think he eats better food...and not as much...as we do here. And he walks everywhere so he stays really fit! We live out in the country and i'm not much of a city person and it is a big, busy city! Your photos really picked up the flavors of Paris & made me miss him even more than usual. Love, love, love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and I don't even know you! Cathy

Carrie Bullock said...

Loved this! I am of the same mind - notsomuch on the museum thing - the Hubby however, is. eh. haha We compromise. The last (and only) time we went to Paris we had the (teenage) kids with us so we'd like to return and make it a totally different trip.