Apr 26, 2015

My Last Prom (2015)

I am back!  

I took an unexpected and unplanned blog break. No real reason except for the fact that life has been really busy here and also full of some unexpected surprises.

I couldn't decide if I should start where I left off - or start where I am now and then spend the next few weeks catching up on birthdays, snow days, remodeling, road trips, college decisions and a trip to Italy.  

I have decided to start where I am now and then go backwards and catch up.  

This weekend was prom weekend for Barrett.  This is my eighth and last prom with my girls! 

Barrett's school has three events on prom night.  Her school hosts a banquet where dinner is served. I love that everyone gets to have dinner together and the hassle of making dinner reservations at restaurants for large groups isn't a part of prom night.  Second, a parent committee hosts the dance in second location. Third, there is a breakfast hosted for the junior class and one for the senior class at a student's house.  Art and I hosted the senior breakfast this year. 
Since Christmas, I don't think I have thought of (or worked on) anything else.  It was a bit overwhelming at times. There are 150 students in Barrett's senior class and planning the after prom party at our home for this many people was at time a full time job.  I was so nervous planning the menu and the amount of food to serve. 

So glad it is over. 

Barrett ordered several dresses on line in February. She went back and forth on which one to keep and wear and in the end made a fabulous choice.  

Brittany and Brooke made sure their work schedules worked out so they could be here to help Barrett get ready and help me prepare for the Senior Breakfast.
(The two boyfriends were here too!)

The big sisters took their roles very seriously. 

(You gotta love these shoes!) 

Barrett's friend group met and took pictures at the NC State Arboretum

(soccer girls)

The Odom Family

(These two were voted Best Dressed in the senior class 
and this is the picture that is going to be used on the senior superlatives page in the annual.)

Limo time!


About 75 prom goers showed up at our house just after midnight.
The Senior Breakfast was officially held from midnight until 2:30AM.

We were so busy making pancakes, I didn't get a lot of pictures.

We served biscuits, sausage and gravy, chicken strips, hash brown casseroles, fresh fruit, homemade cinnamon rolls and two kinds of pancakes.  There was also a coffee bar, punch (fresh fruit), and chocolate milk. 

We had heaters set up outside because it was chilly and set out baskets of blankets. 
Giant Jenga was also out on the patio. 
(Not sure what this guy changed into - it was some kind of camouflage/feathered set of overalls.)

Around 2:30 I took this picture of our den full of kids - still eating and having the best time talking. 

After everyone left and we did a little cleaning, we got to bed around 4:00AM.
I am still recovering from lack of sleep, but feeling so good that the weekend is over!!!

Barrett's senior year is almost over! 


Simply LKJ said...

What a fabulous event! Love they have dinner and breakfast together. She looked amazing. Gorgeous dress!!

Lea said...

Your daughter's dress is one of the prettiest I have seen in a long, long time. Just beautiful! And, she, as well as your other two daughters are just as cute as can be. I cannot imagine all the fluff, ruffles and lace that has been in your house over the years. What fun!

Can't imagine fixing breakfast for that many kiddos, but how great to know that they are all safe and sound at someone's home. Hats off to you!

Enjoyed my visit and will be back!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Your daughter looks so beautiful and this post brings back so many wonderful memories of all my daughters proms - I think 7 between the 2 girls since they went to an all girls high school and were invited to other boy's proms too. The dress shopping and hosting the after parties were always so fun.

cathy said...

Gorgeous dress, beautiful girl. Our home was the "picture venue" for my son's prom last year. There were well over a hundred kids and parents here and it was one of the happiest days ever!! Will never forget it. I can't imagine having to serve them breakfast at the end though!!! Great job!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, that gown is beautiful! And, all your girls are lovely. Looks like your breakfast went perfectly. We hosted a prom dinner at our home for my daughter's group of friends and their dates for their senior prom a few years ago. It was a lot of planning and work but it's so fun to make those events special for our kids. Hope your daughter enjoys her last few weeks of high school.

Katie Clooney said...

Great pics. Barrett looked stunning! Loved her dress and shoes. How great that you hosted the breakfast. You are a brave soul. Everything looked great. Now you can relax!

Anonymous said...

Barrett looked stunning. I loved how her flowers were so perfectly matched to her beautiful gown. My daughter just had her prom this past weekend as well. Time s flying by.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Love her dress and shoes! I agree with the "best dressed." Looks like a great time was had and you deserve many, many thanks for hosting that big of a party! Whew. I'm tired for you.

dee said...

She is stunning, and her gown is one of the prettiest I have ever seen!

beth cleary said...

stunning!! i need that Pearl necklace please.. where does one find that??