Feb 2, 2015


We had a quiet birthday celebration for Barrett on her actual birthday, January 22. It was a school night and we had a family celebration planned for the weekend. We took Barrett out for a quick dinner at a mediterranean grill. Brittany was able to make it home to go with us and to spend the night.  After dinner we came home and had cake. Barrett is usually the birthday baker in our house, but this time I did the honors and made her an orange cardamom cake with orange-scented cream cheese frosting.  Yeah, mama can bake if she has to!   

Brooke flew in from DC on Friday and surprise, Mr. E came with her!  

That night Barrett opened her gifts - after holding her notebook paper sign, an Odom family tradition. 

We loaded the big car and settled in for a road trip because we had reservations at  Chef & the Farmer again. (It is over an hour away.)  It did not disappoint. 

(Watch the TV show here.)

(cute sous chef)

(beef bacon flatbread, pork belly kabobs, and fried collards)

(boiled peanut risotto with cornbread cake)

(pork chop with pickled apples and a gruyere-onion bread pudding)

(amberjack with capers and olives)

(fried catfish with garlicky bagna caudal and sunchokes)

(NY strip with blue cheese, candied almonds, and marsala mushrooms)

Saturday Mr. E, Brooke, Barrett and one of Barrett's friends went to the UNC Chapel Hill basketball game. (Brittany had to go back to her apartment to prepare for working Saturday night.) Mr. E is a UNC graduate so he was excited to go. 

Saturday night we listened to music, ate fajitas and played Phase Ten.

 I lost.


Love Being A Nonny said...

We have plans to go there to eat! I can't wait! Can't believe she is 18!!!! Gorgeous!

MCW said...

Your oldest daughter and husband look alike! You need to get in some pics :) Looks like a fabulous birthday!