May 10, 2014

PROM 2014

I have a really good reason for being absent and I will share that at another time.

Among all of the craziness, there has been some great things going on at our house.  

PROM for example.

Barrett went to the prom last weekend 
we had the pre-prom picture party at our house.  


Barrett was asked to the prom by one of her good friends.
They were all at a birthday party and "R" grabbed a microphone and started singing. 
In the  middle of the song he stopped and pulled out a dozen roses and a sign he had made out of jelly beans and asked her to prom. 
She was totally surprised, but everyone else knew it was going to happen.  
They call it a "promposal" these days. 
Poor high school guys are now all in a competition to out do one another. 

It took Barrett literally fifteen minutes to find her dress.
She knew she wanted a Lilly from the beginning and she tried on two…….
and then we were on our way home. 

(The chalkboard is from Michael's)

(this is one of my favorite pictures!)

We served some light snacks…
chocolate dipped strawberries, pimento cheese and crackers, chicken salad in pastry shells, sweet tea, a bowl of cotton candy, which the kids loved…..

and Barrett made bow tie and bow cookies. 

Brittany and Brooke were here! 
They were not missing their baby sister's first prom. 

(another favorite picture)

Everyone looked so pretty and they all had a great time! 
They are already talking about next year's prom!  


Simply LKJ said...

Hope all is well! What a beautiful dress. So unique to pick a Lilly for Prom. Love that idea. Brooke looks amazing. Love the food goodies you set out for the kids to enjoy as well. And, as usual, your daughters are beautiful. Happy Mother's Day!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

I always loved seeing the girls in their beautiful dresses and looking so lovely. Your daughter looks so pretty in her lily dress :-)

Love Being A Nonny said...

Love love love her dress!! And I love that you were sane enough to do a snack table….puts me to shame!!:)

Hope you are ok and that your absence has not been a hardship.

Formerly known as Frau said...

OMG! Gorgeous dress and certainly one that can be worn again! Love it! All the pictures and props were perfect! Such a beautiful family you have! Happy Mother's Day!

Katie Clooney said...

What a gorgeous girl!! LOVE the dress - so feminine and shows off her darling figure. Looks like a great party!

MCW said...

Hope all is well...

Barrett is beautiful! I've seen some pretty trashy prom dresses, she looks so classy. Love.

Carrie Bullock said...

Love her dress! She could totally wear that again! And shorten it and wear it again. ha.

beth cleary said...

I have missed you!! hope all is well. Barrett is absoulutely precious..Love, love love the lilly!!