May 20, 2014


Well, look at me……blogging again!

Go me!

I ran out of storage space on my iPhone and so I need to spend some time cleaning it up 
and deleting some of the 2,500 photos.
I think I could spend a month just posting pictures of the food I 
have taken pictures of
then after that I could post tons of pictures of my dogs and cat.  

Here are some of my favorites,
in no particular order:

Charlie….he knows how to sleep….

Barrett, trying on her prom dress, trying to make her final decision. 
DON'T read her lips……or body language! 
(I guess I take too many pictures.)

"Mom, does this look okay on me?'
"No my child it does not."
"So you would not wear this if you were me?"
"You are my child, and I love you….but, NO! You are not wearing that out of this house!"

My cute beach nappin' buddies

We looked all over the beach house for Bubbles.
He knew we were getting ready to head home because we started taking things to our car.
He knew he was going to be stuck in his crate for three hours

Me and another mom did the soccer team lunch on Saint Patrick's Day

Hubs is only handy if…..

it means he is hooking up that mammoth TV he had to have at the beach….

but that is okay, it IS the beach! 

We'll take it! 
(50% off the sale price)

 Charlie and Lola expect a treat every time the pantry door is opened. 

I wish I knew more about french wine…..
I shared this wine on my 27th anniversary….
(May 2nd)

also this swan cream puff

with my handsome husband
our favorite French restaurant. 

I woke up the next morning and took needed this glorious picture…..

on this glorious thing…

and burned this many calories….

while he sunbathed on the floor beside me. 

Charlie…… there he is again……

doing his thing!  


Katie Clooney said...

Love these pics! They are a riot. Especially of the dog on the couch.

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Is amazing what we find on our iPhones. The selfies seem like such a good idea at the time don't they :-)

MCW said...

Holy cow that is a lot of calories! Nice work and that beach picture is beautiful!