Sep 14, 2013


Time really really does fly. 

Back in June, Brooke applied for a flight attendant position on a whim. 
She graduated from NC State in May with a degree in graphic design and went straight into a full time position as the graphic designer for a jewelry designer.
She loved what was she was doing and was making a great name for herself.
She just is not a sitter, right now.  
Sitting in front of a computer screen from 9-5 was not what she envisioned herself doing straight out of college.  

Just days after clicking the "submit" button on the application, she was called for a phone interview.
She was successful.
She was flown to Charlotte, NC just days later for a full day face to face interview.
She was once again successful and was offered a flight attendant position.

Again, just days later she was on a plane to Phoenix to spend the next six weeks in full time training. 

I had to put my big girl/mama pants on and get used to the idea that my girls are at a very exciting part of their lives. I  had to  join in on the excitement instead of looking at these days as something sad. 

I have been so excited for her.  

Arizona was a fun experience for her, however, 
the 100' plus heat was a new thing for her and her new friends. 

She met and mad some great friends and some very interesting characters!

The day they got their uniforms was an exciting one!
I told her I wanted a picture the day she had to start wearing them to training....

Before they graduated they each got scheduled on a flight to work their onboard exam. 

Brooke worked a flight from Phoenix to Chicago. 
I could not wait to hear all about it!

After six weeks she graduated....

 and found out that she would be based out of the DC area 
with five others from her graduating class.  

We had five days to get her there, settled and ready to travel the world.  
We reluctantly did it. 

After her orientation,
she was on call for a few days and has been a little jealous of her classmates being given trips to Paris, Amsterdam and Belgium.
She is low on the totem pole because of her age and in the flight attendant industry it is all about seniority. 
She is finally excited tonight though!  

She got a call from scheduling....
tomorrow morning she is headed out.
She will spending some time here.....

and hopefully sitting here...

 I am jealous.

Proud, but still jealous. 


MCW said...

That is so exciting! Going to be a whirlwind for her I am sure. Where around DC did she move??? Hopefully she will lie living here and traveling. Huge changes.

This American Wife said...

Good for her for taking life by the horns! Good for you, Mama, too, for getting "on board" with all the excitement and change. It's bittersweet to watch them leave the nest and spread their wings, but isn't it also life's greatest privilege?

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Oh, how exciting. I am still kicking myself for passing on an opportunity to start out as an INTERNATIONAL freight attendant when I interviewed in DC years ago when I had only 8 hrs left to get my French degree at State. :-( I chickened out, got my degree and went into International Freight Forwarding and married...but I always hate that I didn't see more of the world first. Good for her. I'm jealous. Good for you, too that she's in DC!!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

How exciting. I found your blog via Katies's and am now following you. I have two daughters 20 and 23 and life is changing all the time, but fun :-)

Just Ask Beth said...


Lobster Meets Peach said...

What an exciting job! You must be so proud!!! Hopefully her airline has deals for family;)