Sep 3, 2013

ON THE WATER/Beach 2013 part 2

There is something about being out on the water.
We try to take the boat out everytime we are at the beach even if it is just for a short ride up and down the waterway. We are new to boating and I especially do not know much about it.  
We have a boat that we bought from a friend that just happened to be upgrading boats about the time we were looking for one.  
It is our "starter boat" and the husband likes to say.  

As I have said, our beach has canals off of the waterway....

The girls like to ski and go tubing as much as possible.

Their dad surprised them with a wakeboard one weekend this summer and Barrett couldn't wait to give it a try.  

She is a fast learner....she got up on the third try!


That morning she wakeboarded all the way from Sunset Beach to Holden Beach,
our beach is in between the two.  

Charlie and Lola went out a few times this summer.  
Charlie is more skittish than Lola and it took him longer to get comfortable.
I do think the only thing he liked was all of the wind in his hair (fro), but other than that I do not think he was a fan.  

Lola is the braver of the two.
She sat straight up on the tube from the start and then she made her way to the "captain's" chair and sat their on my lap.  

There are several restaurants that you can take your boat to.

Inlet View is at Ocean Isle and yes,
the views are spectacular! 

Provision Company is at Holden Beach.  

I love just trolling and looking at the sites. 
The older shrimp boats take great pictures - even with just the iPhone. 

Hopefully we will have a few more trips to the beach and out on the boat before it gets cold. 
I have plans to take my good camera and start taking pictures of the shrimp boats, pelicans and anything else that would be great in a black and white print. There is a wall in the house that I want to start filling up with pictures.   


dee said...

Love this post! Small, small world. We have a place at Holden Beach and ate at ProCo twice this weekend! The atmosphere is just the best there. We also love Inlet View; their hushpuppies are divine! I guess you can tell what I like to do while at the coast. :-)

MCW said...

I want to come next year :) Looks like a blast.