May 18, 2013


NC State Fashion Week

NC State held its annual Fashion Week before the semester was over.
Brooke was asked to walk in the School of Textiles fashion show.  
I wish I could say she got her legs from me, but she did not.

She also walked in the ART2WEAR show for one of her friends
that designed a line of clothing using the theme
Cotton and Wood.
She carved the wood pieces and hats. 

She made the paper!

A few days before the actual show, they had a photo shoot in a field near campus. 

I am so glad that Brooke got to experience these things during her college days. It was a very very hectic few weeks for her, but I know she will always look back at this time and experiences as some of as some of her best. 


Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow! What an experience and omg so is gorgeous!

MCW said...

Beautiful! All 3 of your girls. Unfortunately I got my mothers's not fair.

MCW said...

Beautiful! All 3 of your girls. Unfortunately I got my mothers's not fair.

Cathy said...

Crazy cool.. what an opportunity.. the first thing I thought of was Kate Middleton was first noticed by Wills at a fashion show.

Laurie Tester said...

How wonderful! She's just beautiful and her friend's designs are fabulous! Until I began working for Ralph Lauren, I had no idea that NCSU even had a Fashion Week. I always looked at State for textile (furniture textile) design. What a wonderful opportunity. Your recap has me thinking I need to sign up for a a ticket to next year's Fashion Week.
Lulu and Daisy

Love Being A Nonny said...

WOW! What an opportunity! How did I not know NCSU had this? She is PERFECT for doing this....her figure, her look...everything! I know you are so SHOULD be....WOW!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

So cool! Love the picture of all of them in the field and against the brick wall. She looks like a professional model for sure!

Just Ask Beth said...

gorge.... all 3 girls are presh!