May 20, 2013


Where did my little girl go?

Barrett (#3) was invited to a 1970's themed murder mystery party not too long ago.
Everyone invited was given a character to dress up as and act like at the party. 
Barrett's character was a super model who secretly held several PhDs.
I thought it was a very fitting part because Barrett is very studious and is somewhat of a closet bookworm.

We found everything she needed in our closets and drawers, 
including the sparkly blue eye shadow!
The glasses actually were my mom's. 
I am so glad I kept them, I knew they would come in handy one day!

The dress is new and was worn to a sorority formal by Brooke just this year.
The scarf and bracelet were my souvenirs that I bought in Italy last year. 
The shoes were a TJ's find. 

She had a great time and won the best dressed award! 



MCW said...

What a fun night! If I was invited I prob would have been given some awful costume and had to dress all frumpy :)

Love Being A Nonny said...

She is gorgeous! All your girls are! #3 looks sooo much like YOU!