Oct 24, 2011


We had a beautiful weekend here. 
The weather was perfect and we had no soccer games on the calendar. 
The break is short lived though, we will be hitting the road this coming weekend for 
two out of town games. The end of the season is close, just a few more weekends to go.

I spent some time outside just enjoying the sun and the signs of fall.
The leaves are just starting to turn here. 
So finally the wreath on the door doesn't stand out like a sore thumb!

We have a few fall decorations outside....

of course mums...

and the deer have left them alone!!! 

But, take a good look at these pansies because they won't be around too long.

The deer LOVE them.
I am not sure why I plant them year after year.
I just get so caught up in how pretty they are.

It was a little warm for Skeeter, the frog that sits on the column out by the pool.
He broke out in a sweat yesterday!!

I did a little decorating in the house too.

I just did a little Halloween collection on the mantle, I have some turkeys and pilgrims that will replace those things next week (already!!!).

Jack Frost is out.

I tucked a few pumpkins...

 and gourds around the foyer...

and dining room.

Barrett's Halloween Tree is all smiles...

and my terra cotta jack o lanterns don't seem to mind sitting against the dirty kitchen window. 

I just love lighting their candles and watching how the light bounces off 
all of the nasty!
It is scary!


MCW said...

I LOVE your porch!!! I can't wait to decorate my own house one day. Just not the same in an apartment!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Everything looks so great...love your front porch and wreath! Have a wonderful day!

Jolyn said...

Beautiful pictures and decor..I have always wanted a big front porch..everything looks so nice.

Joyce said...

Looks so pretty! Everything has turned up here-it's still pretty but I can see the brown creeping in which means winter is on its way. sigh. not ready.

I had my windows washed this year and oh my! I knew they were dirty but when i saw the difference I couldn't believe it. I guess I need to have it done more often : )

Happy Autumn!