Jul 31, 2011


I spent last night organizing photos of the beach house and trying to get before and afters together
while we watched The Fighter.
I want to make a photo book and also post them on here.
The Fighter was such a good movie, I only got part of what I was trying to do together.
Stay tuned.... 

Today we had a WONDERFUL day here at OIB.
(BUT) I will be sore tomorrow, if not sooner. 
I walked three miles and then ran maybe a mile this morning. 
 (I have really bad plantar faciitis and heel spurs in both feet so this is pretty good for me!! woo hoo!)

Just have to say I have a wonderful husband.
He wakes me up by bringing me coffee every morning.
Just recently he has started bringing me 3 A_vil along with the coffee!
I cannot tell you how much that helps so early in the morning.
In twenty minutes I am ready to move!!

Around noon Art and I kayaked down the waterway and up and down some other canals
looking at docks, we are going to re-do ours to make room for some water toys.
Going against the tide and current was tough. .

Just now I am back from biking to the end of the island..... and then walking and wading looking for shells... and then biking back.

Seriously, every part of me is tired right now, but it is a good tired.
A, I need a glass of wine tired.

So right now.... the girls are up to no good!
They say they are tired too.

They spent their day playing with the casting net, kayaking and reading. 

(Love how Charlie is almost passed out on the couch!
He did go for a short run with Art this morning and then for a long golf cart ride!
Life is tough when you are an Odom dog!)

Hope your weekend was a good one!

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Formerly known as Frau said...

I think having the beach house is going to be the best for the Odom family to all stay in shape. Sounds like a big playground! Have you ever worn Fit Flops they really help with Planters Fasitis (sp?) Hope you have a wonderful week!