Jul 13, 2011


My cumputer has been threatening to crash and I am also out of space on my harddrive. 
I have over 22,000 photos on my computer and I have been spending all of my computer time making sure I have them all on discs and trying to free up some space.
 My Apple Time Machine  has not backed up my photos for several months
and so I have been in a pickle and a panic. For the past several weeks I have not been able to load any pictures. 

But anyhow....

Our summer is speeding right along.
Several months ago we signed the papers on a beach house and it has been so exciting!!!!
All spring and summer until now has been spent going back a forth every chance we get. 
We have completely revamped the place
have enjoyed every minute of it. 
We are having a ball and are so proud of it.

Here is a little tease of some of the things we have done.




I will share more house pictures later.

We spent the week of July 4th there
and we went to the parade the morning of the 4th.

It was so much fun watching all of the decorated golf carts go by.
I cannot wait until next year. We are already planning our theme.

Most "floats" threw out candy, but Charlie and Lola loved the one float that threw out dog treats! 

So many people took pictures of Lola. She sat on Brooke's lap with her July 4th
hairband on almost the entire parade.
She is the little diva of the family!

We went out on the boat everyday and all three girls got up on skies.
#1 and #2 have skied before, but #3 had not.
She got up on the third try and from then on there was no looking back.
I love my athletic girls!

We also did a lot of tubing.

The thing I love most about our house, isn't the house, but the people that fill it
and the time we spend together.


Formerly known as Frau said...

That is so cool and what a nice place to build memories for years to come!

carolinagirl said...

SO so so excited for you. I think I remember you told me the beach where you are - one of my favorites. We bought a small 3BR condo at Oak Island 2 years ago this August. It is not my forever beach place, but I LOVE IT! It is my heaven on earth!

Congrats to you.

Cannot wait for more before and afters!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Oh how fun....and I love the bathroom! I remember you saying how much you wanted a beach place! We visit Holden Beach several times a year. Not sure where your beach house is but wherever it is, I know you love it! Fun project to work on too!