Aug 21, 2015

Little Bear Goes to College

Barrett is all settled into her college dorm room and her first day of class was on Wednesday.
She is officially a college student.
She is a Carolina Tarheel.

Her dorm opened last Thursday and had three move in days -
Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Barrett's roommate, who is from Charlotte (NC),  wasn't moving in until Saturday. So we took advantage of living only thirty minutes away and took a carload each day and moved in slowly. 
It was so nice taking all of her clothes on Thursday and getting it all  put away before bringing in the other things on Friday and Saturday.

It started to feel very "real" when she started to pack her clothes last week.

I don't know how my girls destroy their rooms any time they start packing! 

Lola knew something was going on and she would not take her eyes off of me. 
She must have thought I was leaving her forever!

This was the load Barrett and I took on the first day.

We couldn't decide if her room looked more like a prison cell or a hospital room!
It is very small, but luckily the building was recently remodeled.
I am so glad they removed the carpet and added the wood flooring. 

There are two beds, two desks with a row of built in shelves above them.
Each person has a built in chest with five drawers and adjustable shelves above them in their own closet. 
There is a small area for hanging clothes. 
There is a vanity and sink that is shared in the room with a large mirror. 

Barrett and her roommate decided not to match their bedding, but did try to compliment each other  in color and style. 

Barrett wanted to go with blue and white chinoiserie with touches of pink and gold.
We used baskets for storage everywhere we could instead of plastic storage drawers and bins. 

Our progress the first day!

Friday, the second day, Art took all of the larger and heavier pieces, hung pictures and connected all the tech stuff.  Brittany also tagged along, but I forgot to take pictures! 

Saturday, day three, since Barrett's roommate was moving in, we didn't go back until later in the day so their family could spend sometime in the room themselves. 
Brittany was home sitting by the pool and came in to say good-bye. 
This really got me.
Seems like last week "Little Bear" was the one hugging her big sister good-bye. 

When we got there,
Art hung lights around the room.
(Lilly Pulitzer lights we bought from Target.)

Between the two desk, the girls have a mini fridge, microwave and a coffee maker. 

We painted the shelf and a lot of the frames in her room gold and added battery operated candles that come on automatically every evening. 

Brooke painted the two rams for Barrett's room and also the pictures of Barrett on the shelf above the desk.
(She is opening an Etsy store very very soon!)

Barrett and her roomate S.

(Barrett and I covered the cork board with the same fabric as her pillow on her bed.)

I didn't want this moment to happen!
We did eventually have to say our good-byes.
There is a very good reason why there are no pictures of me doing this. 
Hard time for this mom!

I hugged her forever (or at least wanted to). Wordless, because I could not speak.
I didn't want to let her go and when I did I held her hand as I got into the car and didn't let go until Art pulled away.
I was hanging on as long as I could.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

One of Barrett's nicknames is "Little Bear".
When she got back into her room she found a little surprise from me. 
A small trinket dish with a little fuzzy bear sitting on it. 
I have a second fuzzy bear sitting in the kitchen window.  

I found a letter Barrett wrote to me and Art in her room the next day.
It was the sweetest thing.

I love you Barrett!
You will always be my Little Bear!


Sunday night two of Barrett's high school friends paid her visit.
It doesn't take these girls long does it?

And everyone on the hall is enjoying the "Carolina Cookies" Barrett baked to take.

She is so sweet!
I love that girl so much!


Katie Clooney said...

I know that feeling of saying good bye. Her room sure doesn't look like a hospital room or prison cell now. It looks darling. It is great that she is not that far away. It makes such a difference. Have a good weekend.

Carrie Bullock said...

I know exactly how you were feeling! That hugging without saying anything came right back to me. You're lucky she is so close 'just in case' she or you need a quick fix. That is the stylish dorm room I have ever laid my eyes on! Love it!

MCW said...

She is going to love college and eventually you will like having a quite house...maybe. My mom still wants us all home all the time. At least she is only 30 minutes away.

Joyce said...

Her room looks great! Not like the makeshift dorms we lived in, although they are still pretty cell block still. On another note-your daughter is so talented! What a fabulous artist! Can't wait to see her store!

Anonymous said...

We took our last one to college too, our daughter. University of Alabama, so far from our home in Maryland. I know it's going to get better but right now it's miserable. Looking for ward to family weekend the end of September. Your daughter's room is beautiful. So nice to move in gradually. We got all of McKenna'a in my Expedition and my husband flew down and met us. Move in was a breeze and she has already gone through recruitment and pledged a sorority. Classes are going well and now I am just trying to get used to this empty house. Fortunately my middle son does not leave until the end of the month. I knew we should have had more children!!!! Hang in there!

Lea said...

Oh, my goodness, this brought back such memories of 17 years ago. We had so much fun getting her room all "decked out" and just thinking about it now makes me tired. These are precious times for sure!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Her room is darling, as she is in all the photos! My oldest went to University of Michigan only 40 minutes away, so it was perfect for meeting her for lunch - that helps a lot :-)

beth cleary said...

hang in there friend. My oldest leaves Thursday for her Sophomore year at Woford. Never easy seeing them leave. but fear not..girls always stay close to us!! she is just adorable and I love her dorm!!

dee said...

Her room is beautiful! That building is very familiar; our boys lived there. They loved the food, haha! Such a blessing that she is close enough for you to be able to visit. Ours usually didn't turn down a meal if we offered to drive down and take them out. Will she want to pledge her sister's sorority?

dee said...

Her room is beautiful! That building looks very familiar; our boys lived there. They loved the food, haha! Such a blessing to be close enough to visit them. Will she want to pledge a sorority?

Formerly known as Frau said...

ahh {{ hugs}} mom ! She will do great ...came so fast! Love love love her dorm room! Hope she has an amazing freshman year!

PostgradPrep said...

I love the set up! I hope she is settling in well at UNC and if she went through recruitment this past week I hope she found her home. Go Heels!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Aww. This made me cry a bit. My oldest started high school in August and I'm already trying to apply the brakes because it's all gone so quickly. I hope you are adjusting to her being away (and being a TARHEEL!). Her room is the most precious thing ever! Sorry we missed you guys the 4th.

patio garden furniture said...

Wonderful room! Well, I know how you feel. It is good that she is not that far away.

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* said...

What a beautiful post, room and girl, Lisa. So much style in someone so young though I know Dad helped hang the lights. haha! Nice "assist" Mom. You all did a fabulous job. So bittersweet isn't it? Wishing her much success this year and all through her college experience. :)