Sep 18, 2014


Last week was homecoming week at Barrett's school.  Everyday leading up to Friday was a different themed dress up day. We had a lot of fun getting her outfits together.    I AM gonna miss this! 

Monday's theme was "When I am Older".  Barrett decided to channel her inner shopper/rich celebrity/Rachel Zoe instead of wearing scrubs and hats like everyone else.  

Notice the million dollar hair bow!

Tuesday was Crazy Prom Day.  Barrett wore a bridesmaid's dress I wore in my cousin's wedding, a giant hair bow all of my girls wore when they were toddlers, the weird shoes Brooke wore while modeling and an old dried up prom coursage we reconstructed with erasers we had in our craft box. 

Oh, she slept in sponge rollers also. 

Wednesday was Super Hero Day.  Meet Miss Captain America! 

Thursday was "Throwback Thursday.  Instead of dressing up in clothes from a decade like everyone else, she dressed up as Miss Pac Man.  This costume was so easy...............and ended up being so cute! We had the black leggings, black knit shirt, red gloves, yellow sundress and round labels.  We bought four pieces of felt to make the ghost, two styrofoam balls (to paint) to make the cherry headband and made the apple earrings from two erasers we found in the 25 cent bin at the party store.

Friday was school spirit day and everyone wears blue and gold.  I completely forgot to take a picture! We were just so glad it was Friday I guess and there wasn't a lot to take a picture of.

Everyday someone is selected from each homeroom to go to the front office to represent their respective homerooms. Barrett was picked to go down everyday and her homeroom ended up winning the grand ice-cream party!

We have a closet full of costumes and vintage clothing and hats that I have inherited from relatives.  Aunt Mable and Cousin Marti would be so tickled that we were still wearing their hats and gloves! If you ever need a costume, come on over!


Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

She is so cute - especially as Ms. PAC Man. I miss those days of putting together costumes for spirit week!

MCW said...

That bridesmaids dress is beyond fantastic!

I loved spirit week, although I was not nearly as creative as B!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Awesome outfits! She is such a pretty girl.....lots of last and exciting times around the corner.

Shel said...

Brooke looked amazing each day of her spirit week and what fun I bet she and her friends had. On another note, I'm amazed at the bridesmaid dress from your cousin's wedding. What a hoot. That definitely should go into a museum for bridesmaid's dresses! Not sure I would still be speaking to her ;)