Jan 30, 2014


Last week #3 turned 17!
I can't believe just how quickly the years are going by.

We didn't do anything crazy special for it. 
I think January is a hard time to have a birthday. 
With Christmas taking the wind out of everyone's sails,
it being cold and dark so early, 
it seems that Barrett's birthday usually sneaks up on us.
She also was really loaded down with homework last week.

We were really happy that #2 was able to come home for four days from DC last week!
That was a great birthday present!

Barrett wanted to go to a local family owned Italian restaurant that we have been going to for years.
I think the first time we went, Barrett was in a carrier and sat on the table.

But first she opened her gifts.

(Bubbles was excited to see the boxes)

So what does this 17 year old get for her birthday?  
She got a purse (Kate Spade) that she saw and picked out before Christmas,
an Elsa blouse with elephants on it,
(she loves anything with with elephants)
a pair of shoes,
a monogrammed chevron patterned apron that I found on Etsy,
Ina Garten cookbooks,
a KJP bracelet, 
the Naked Three palette  
a new set of makeup brushes
some other doodads like jewelry, cookie cutters, replacement brushes for her Clarisonic
and so on…

I made her birthday cake.
I  picked the Sweet and Salty cake out of the Baked cookbook.

This cake was unbelievable!
It had three huge dark chocolate layers, salted caramel in-between each layer and then iced with a chocolate caramel ganache.
 Oh my goodness!
 My cake doesn't look like the one the website though.
My layers were so huge and soft the cake wanted to lean and slide around so I ended up putting
 dowels in it.  

Lola loves it when Brooke comes home.
She just kept sitting beside her and looking at her.

Happy Birthday Barrett!  


Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

What a delicious looking cake and a beautiful girl too! I wish I still had a 17 year old - what a fun year :-)

Simply LKJ said...

Happy Birthday to her! She is a beautiful girl (as are all of your girls). Our Elie's birthday is January 3rd and hubby's the 19th, so I can totally relate. Sounds like she received some wonderful gifts! And, if she loves Elephants that much...she needs to be yelling Roll Tide in a couple years. LOL

Love Being A Nonny said...

Lovin' the birthday sign of course!!! Beautiful girl with great taste!

Joyce said...

What a fabulous looking cake! Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter : )

Justabeachkat said...

Such a beautiful birthday girl!

And that cake! Oh.My.Word! Your description has my mouth watering. It sounds so yummy.


Just Ask Beth said...

happy Birthday barrett!!! your girls are just beautiful.. the naked 3 is the bomb..my 17 year old got that for Christmas!!