Jul 22, 2013


We are trying to celebrate summer each and everyday here at our house.
It goes by too quickly if you do not put a little effort into filling each day with 
the things and people you love.

Pictures of our Monday in Raleigh:

"Thanks dad!"


 (my deer eaten geranium...can't believe they lasted this long!)

(best place to be during a thunderstorm!)

(Charlie brought me his leash......guess he wanted to go for a walk!)

 (Loving my new Keds!)

What I didn't take a picture of today:

my destroyed kitchen from Barrett's eggplant parmesan
the laundry still waiting to folded on my bed
Brooke with her plastic bins leaving to go pack up her apartment
Brittany napping
every TV on in the house so that we didn't miss the big announcement out of London


MCW said...

Great pics! Summer does fly by. I think your messy kitchen and laundry would make an interesting post. Ha

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

That is SO CUTE that Charlie brought you his leash!
And, I am so in love with that porch! Definitely the best during a storm! :)

Love Being A Nonny said...

Love it when you post! Great pictures!

Joyce said...

Your yard looks so pretty! Glad you're having a nice summer~

dee said...

These pictures are gorgeous, and summer is definitely flying by! I love your Keds!!

Tami said...

Summer is going by so fast! I can't believe it's August. I absolutely LOVE you porch!!
Your doggie is too cute. =)
Happy Summer!