Feb 21, 2013


Let me catch up by dumping my iphone pictures...
these are so random, 
but such is life...

Instead of blogging, I have been sorting and organizing all of the girls' photos...
every baby, preschool, toddler, school, soccer, T ball, ballet and life portrait.

I got this in the mail...

and then went.
(just a little fun info...one of these girl's dad is a professional football payer)

One our favorite italian restaurants closed not too long ago.
The bad news is the couple who owned it divorced.
The good news is that the man opened another small restaurant very close to our house.

We have a new favorite!

I had a date with Jerry Sienfeld...

and he was great!

I have been stalking Instagram. 

Love seeing my girl!

My furry babies got haircuts...

and I made hair bows.

I dug through our cedar closet to find a dress for #3 to wear to a party.
At first she was disappointed  because I wouldn't buy her a new dress,


in the end...

she was gorgeous
I love hand me downs!
This red velvet dress is from my sister in law.

I have been searching for a rug for our bedroom. I cannot find anything I love enough to commit to.
I really wanted to get a sisal carpet, but I am so afraid of that natural material because 
Mr. Bubbles has several scratching posts that are made of the same material.
I can just see him thinking he had won the lottery when we unrolled a room size scratching post.
I think I have finally decided on getting a carpet cut and bound into a rug...
now I just have to pick the perfect color.

Another Valentine's Day has come and gone.
I am not a fan of Valentine's Day. I think it is so blown out of proportion.
I have girls.....trust me.
Art and I keep it simple.
He has been in and out of town for two weeks, but still took the time and picked out the most beautiful coral color roses.
(He is at the Charlotte airport as I type and will be home in a few hours!)

Lola wore one of the girls' old hairbows for Valentine's Day.
I am so glad I kept them all!

Barrett made Valentines for the first grade class she is an assistant in.
That was fun!
We haven't made Valentines in such a long time.

We have a mole in the yard and Charlie is determined to "get" it.
I am very very tired of washing doodle feet and mouths.

Bubbles is very very tired too....
the boy enjoys his sleep...
in front of the fire...
on the dog bed.

I guess he just gets so worn out from staring at things all day.

We had snow last weekend. 
It was beautiful.

We might have icy roads in the morning.
I know someone who would love a two hour delay!!


Laurie Tester said...

I need to dump my photos and get organized. All the photos framed at home are from my wedding. There are a FEW others, but we've been married 10 years. I think we need an update. Congrats on the Honor Society!
Have a great weekend,
Lulu and Daisy

dee said...

I love that red dress- gorgeous! I have posted some wedding pictures, come see!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Congrats to D3 for NHS. I need to organize all my photos too....some rainy day perhaps! Love the red dress....isn't hand me downs called vintage now! Have a great weekend !

Love Being A Nonny said...

You have been one busy lady!!

#3 looks great in that red velvet dress! WOW! What a great *find*!!!!!