Dec 12, 2012


(cell phone photo dump
a little all over the place)

The older girls are headed home from school tomorrow.
They will be home for almost a month!
I cannot wait.

But, here at home now, it is the calm before the storm.
Calm before the laundry, dishes, crumbs, late nights, noise, an empty fridge, full trash cans, 
wet towels on the floor, unmade beds and so on.

The weather has been mild, until tonight. 
It turned bitter cold and it is raining.
It feels like Christmas.

But, a few nights ago it was springlike...

the house looked odd all dressed for Christmas while it was so warm.

The crickets were singing and I think I heard some frogs
while I took these pictures.


It is decorated inside....

and it smells good too!

We rarely see the "big guy", but I caught him having lunch in the yard,
 right outside my bathroom window. 
He usually keeps his distance. 
When HE ventures into the yard, it means their food is starting to run low.
Am I going to see them climbing the pine trees in February? 

 #3 is studying so that she will NOT have to take final exams...

There is an AP Bio test tomorrow.

Yesterday, she studied for her lit test on Les Miserables,
while the sound track played on her laptop.

Bubbles kept her company.

the holidays are such a busy time,
I keep my elves close by.

Charlie and Lola are sooooo excited about it! 


Me too!!



Formerly known as Frau said...

House looks amazing and so festive! Katelyn came home last week and heard her up at 1am it's true what you say...unmade bed, late nights laundry and long hair everywhere! Hope #3 finals go awesome and soon the quiet ends and lots of fun begins!

MCW said...

Your dogs hair me up!!

I can't wait for my brothers, sister and their families to come to Maryland! I think they will be here a week from tomorrow. Yayee!