Sep 30, 2011


The hubs had his surgery (completely torn rotator cuff) and is on his way to a slow but full recovery. 

At the hospital, they called me back after they got him prepped and I had the pleasure of sitting with him and listening to him ramble on and on about crazy stuff due to the medication they had given him. He kept asking EVERYONE their life story and how they got to Raleigh and who they were married to in case he new them, how they met..... and on and on and on. I guess his nurses were used to crazy people, because they just played along with him. I did finally tell him to close his eyes and go to sleep because he was talking too much and then all he wanted to do was apologize to everyone. I was so glad when it was time for his surgery and they came and got him.

This is him in the recovery area, getting ready to go home.

He was wide awake and very talkative again... a/k/a very medicated!

After the really good meds wore off,  he did nothing but sit in the chair and pretend to watch TV. 
Someone please tell me how a man who is not walking around the house can gather and accumulate 
so much clutter around him. One of biggest pet peeves is to have tables loaded down with ugly stuff and there he sat with his little growing collection for days watching the Golf Channel non stop.  

The first three days after the surgery were pretty tough for him. He could not get comfortable and couldn't move unless I helped him. He was up and down all night.  He is better now and mostly pain free. He just has his entire arm in a brace that keeps it against his body like a wing. He has one more week to go in that and then he moves to a sling. After three weeks in a sling, he will begin PT. 

 He has kept me very busy since as his chauffeur. He was given strict instructions to not drive for three weeks. He works on the other side of town, technically in another small town, so with that drive, school carpool and soccer carpool I have done next to nothing else but sit in my car. But things are slowly getting close to being back to normal, he went against the doctor's orders and started driving over the weekend because.....

 I had an accident on Sunday morning around 6AM. #3 had a soccer game in Charlotte at 11:00 (3 hour drive) and I was rushing to get ready.  My round brush slipped out of my hand as I was drying my bangs and when I tried to catch it, I pushed/raked it into my left eye. I cannot tell you how painful it was. I saw stars, the moon and I do believe Jesus was there too. It hurt sooo bad. I was supposed to be driving to Charlotte, but there was no way I was able to do that since I could not open either of eyes... funny how your eyes kind of stick up for each other. So Art drove with one arm while I sat with my eyes buried in a wet washcloth. 

I did not see any of the entire trip there, the game or the ride home. Somehow, I went all day feeling like I had glass in my left eye, with both of them pouring nonstop, my nose running and for some reason my ears ringing.  I ended up going to the emergency room Sunday evening. The first thing they did was to put drops in my eye that would numb it. After the "slight stinging sensation", (I saw Jesus again) it went completely numb and I do believe that is what heaven must feel like. 

I was sent home with the diagnosis of having three "good"scratches across my cornea,  several bottles of drops and some heavy duty pain meds.

And just because I promised I wouldn't put any of his pictures on the computer..... and I broke that promise......her I am in all of my make-up, hair pulled back and totally blindsided (pun intended)....


I am not sure who took pictures of me - I could not see them - but they are grounded!

 Five days later, I am just now beginning to get on with things and it is finally feeling better. It is no longer swollen and the lovely shade of crimson red is fading!!

 Seems we just cannot get going this September at our house and are looking forward to October. We definitely  have had our share of set back, accidents and the craziest drama this month. Our weekend is going to be full of tailgating, football, soccer and finally so Fall like weather!


carolinagirl said...

Praying for you guys to be on the mend SOON!!! Can you believe it is almost October? I am soooo missing my summer beach weekends! Going into withdrawals here.

Cathy said...

Wowza!!!! What a week..I don't know which sounds more painful.. I will have to go with the eyes cause that effects a bit more than a shoulder..

Cathy said...

Oh I forgot..tomorrow I am posting pics of monster #1's frat formal cooler...

Formerly known as Frau said...

Omg....I'm not sure who I feel more sorry for you or your hubby...actually both! I hope you are both on the mend and pray it's fast.
Take care!!

Joyce said...

Oh my have been busy : ) I hope you're feeling better now. I scratched my cornea once so I know what you mean about seeing stars. Hope your hubs is on the mend now too. When it rains it pours it seems. Take care!

Jolyn said...

well you sure have had your hands full. The thought of anything that has to do with heart goes out to you..I hope you are both doing much better..and that table next to hubby is cleaned and neat by