May 14, 2011


We are so proud of #1.
She was accepted into the UNC School of Nursing!!

Lola is giving her a high five!

She found out a few weeks ago while I was away from blogging. She was so excited when she opened that envelope up that she said she started jumping and dancing around in the middle of campus. She was on the phone with her dad and he said he could not figure out what she was saying, all he could hear were squeals. 

Classes already started on Tuesday, after an eight hour orientation on Monday. She got only a three day break after finishing up the spring semester. That is what is going to be the hard part. Once you are accepted into the school, you are there and go straight through until you are finished. I am glad that she is close by and that she can come home on the weekends. 

We did not think she was going to get in this time.  She found out in December that she was put on the waiting list. The deadline for reapplying was just two weeks after receiving that notice and the prompt for the required essay was to explain what you had done since finding out that you did not get into the School of Nursing to improve and make yourself a better candidate. What exactly can one do in the two week time period?  We all got a good laugh out of that. She was so tempted to say, "I have done NOTHING, but I am not going away so you might as well let me in  now instead of later." Anyhow, I don't remember exactly what she came up with for that two page essay, but we all kept throwing ideas at her. It was a group effort. 

She sat  and worked on that essay all weekend while we were at the beach.

You go girl! 


Formerly known as Frau said...

Congrats that is so exciting!!

MCW said...

That is amazing!!! I still wish I would have gone into nursing.

Joyce said...

Congratulations to your daughter...that's fantastic!

Carrie B said...

Woo Hoo! Congratulations to her!

Betsy said...

Yay!!! That is a big accomplishment! Congratulations to #1!!! :)

Valerie said...

Hi Lisa.

I was blog hopping and read a cute comment you left over at Pink Martinis and Pearls. Something about needing reading glasses to see your precious babe and where to put the paci.

I laughed so hard.

One year ago, 3 weeks shy of my 41st birthday, I delivered #3. Luke is such a joy and delight...easy baby...etc. etc., but I couldn't figure out why in the hospital I couldn't "see" him. He was so blurry and I kept thinking the "drugs" just needed to wear off. HA!

I finally realized that if I held him out at arm's length he was so much clearer...and cuter! :)

Congrats on your darling daughter's acceptance into nursing school!

preppyplayer said...

I love good news. She deserves it!