Feb 7, 2011


I do believe I have gotten myself into some trouble.

We ordered three iphones through Verizon as soon as we could last week.
Three of them came today. 

The Man of the House did not splain it to me like he should have.
He said, "All you have to do to activate your phone is plug it into your computer." 
I did not know that it was important to only plug MY phone into my computer.

I was just curious and  so I grabbed one of the phones from the box
hooked it up to my laptop and clicked a few times when it told me to 
just like that, #2's Blackberry died....
all the way over there on her college campus. 

Why did The Man of the House find it necessary to call me asking all of those technical questions like,
"What did you do??!!"

#2 does not have a working phone right now.
She cannot call or text ANYBODY.
She has to come home.

I think my hole just got a little deeper because I may have erased all of her contacts, pictures and entire life off of her Blackberry account. 


MCW said...

Ut oh. I am sure she is thrilled with you!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

A college kid without a phone....wow, hope she survives (and you!). Ha! You better start baking or buying her gifts quickly!I would've grabbed any phone, too.

Carrie B said...

Oops. Ha.
Well... she should not whine too much because in the end she is getting an iphone. Right? Ha

Besides it's also a lesson for her to always have her phone back uped just in case.

And the Hubby should have told you before hand to wait for him to activate anything or call first.

Can you tell, I'm on your side? :)

Good Luck!