Nov 4, 2010


We finally have experienced some autumn weather here.  
The other day it was a dark dreary wet day and it got me in the mood for cooking one of our favorite autumn time meals. I love this  Italian Harvest Roast because it is so easy. With all of the fresh herbs roasting away in the pan, along side the onions and garlic, the house smells wonderful.

All I do is place onions, potatoes, garlic, carrots (which I forgot this time), grapes, hot Italian sausage and chicken breast into a roasting pan. 

I sprinkle an Italian seasoning blend (I use Pampered Chef), salt, pepper and heavily drizzle olive oil on top.
I then place fresh thyme and rosemary on top of the chicken and pop it into the oven for about forty five minutes. 
(425' on convection roast)

While that is cooking, I make a balsamic glaze with brown sugar and balsamic vinegar on top of the stove to drizzle on top of each serving. 

It is the perfect hearty meal on a damp dreary day...

and it is soooo easy!


And yes, it does sound really strange that there are grapes in this. I thought so too until I tried it. They roast down and become rich and wonderful. They are a good counter to all of the earthy flavors of the herbs and the heat from the Italian sausage. I guess they add to the "Harvest" theme. 


MCW said...

That looks delicious! But not sure if I like warm grapes...

Leelee said...

It is rainy here, and very gray...(and finally a little cold...) and I can only imagine how amazing this dish smells as it cooks!! I love trying something new and a bit out of the ordinary.... I have printed the recipe and am planning on trying it soon!!!

Cathy said...

I made my own variation of this last night. I didn't have the sausage so I threw in a few red hot smokies for the flavor and did add carrots. I loved it,!!! warm, hearty great cold weather food. Now the kids on the other hand picked and weren't sure about the grapes although they DID try them. I may try some other combos but I loved how quick and easy. My kind of cookin..!!! Thanks

Pink in a sea of blue said...

This sounds so good. Will have to try it!