Nov 3, 2009


Just a quick little post to share pictures of #3's Halloween.
She had some friends over so that she would have someone to Trick or Treat with.
I was exhausted, but knew she needed to be able to be a kid for a change.
Sometimes we forget that no matter how mature our little ones act, they need to be able to put away the grown up problems and stress and just have a little fun.

The weather was wonderful and the neighborhood was full of families out walking.
I don't remember a warmer Halloween.

So many people thought that the sling and injured arm was apart of the clumsy nerd costume.

Yep, that is toilet paper hanging from her fanny!

This was such a good idea until the golf cart battery died at the far end of the neighborhood and I had to go get them and pull them home with my car.
(Note to self - go to Home Depot and buy some rope.)

I imagine this very well may be our families last trick or treating experience.
#3 is in the seventh grade and is aging out. I am sure there will plenty of Halloween costumes I'll need to get together for her for parties and all, but it won't be the same.
After having a trick or treater in the house for 18 years straight it will be a little sad next year.
It stinks how good things eventually have to come to an end.


Frau said...

OH! They looks cute! I love that age where their costumes are age appropriate!

Basement Bags Girl said...

Looks like tons of fun. I miss that with my girls.

Carrie B said...

Great Costume! And CUTE golf cart!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Those things do have to come to an end. But just wait until you have a little *Elehant* granddaughter! You cannot imagine how much fun it will be.

MCW said...

The TP is hysterical!

Beth Dunn said...

That costume is genius! I love it. xoxo


Betsy said...

Enjoy these times....they go by so fast (as you know!!)

Looks like they had a fun time! :)

Joyce said...

Great costume-she's cute! Love the bright green golf cart too : )

LPC said...

Looks like the break hasn't hampered her style:).